Europe 2009 – Airport Blogging

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1. Melbourne Airport

Didn’t sleep much last night… Slept at 11:30pm but woke at 2:30pm and didn’t sleep again ’til 4am.

Took the car to the carwash this morning…

Drove myself to the airport while Dad will drive car home; quite uneventful.

Now relaxing at the Qantas Club at Melb Airport… One announcement concerned me a little… One inbound aircraft was diverted to Sydney which will delay another domestic flight… Fortunately not my flight… But hoping my flight remains unaffected…

Will post again from Sydney!

2. Sydney Airport

I have 2 hours + to waste here at Sydney Airport…

I don’t have to check-in my suitcase again so everything is running smoothly. The weather here in Sydney is nice and sunny. Have packed my jacket inside the suitcase and draped my jumper around me instead of wearing it- this should work well should the A380 air conditioning prove effective and make the cabin really cold.

Qantas provided a brunch-type meal so I figure that I don’t need lunch. On that note there’s an Asian noodle place near the gate which is charging $15-16 a meal (normally would expect $8-9)!!! Now that’s a rip-off!

But catch a nap and listen to music. Can easily snack…

There’s a Sony/DFS electonics shop and I bought my backup memory card for the camera… I also saw 80gb PS3s going for $459… Just maybe I could get one on the return flight in??? (somehow don’t think so but I’m allowed to dream on…)

According to the constant (slightly annoying) PA calls one United Airlines is being delayed a couple who are yet to turn up…

Fortunately my iPhone apps can keep me preoccupied for the next few hours!

Looking forward to the stopover Singapore tonight.

3. On Transit in Singapore

Arrived in Singapore last night, Terminal 3. Very short taxi-ing from touchdown to terminal gate… Quickly checked into the Transit Hotel @ Terminal 2 (where my booking was held)

Woke up this morning at 7am (I guess my body thought it was 9am) after sleeping at 10:30pm (12:30am Melb time).

This morning I returned to Terminal 3. Just had breakfast – yum cha and Kaya toast from Toast Box. Seriously considering a massage as part of killing time this morning.

Rung relatives in Singapore to say hi.

Changi Airport is so good. Just hooked up to their free wireless access, so on international data roaming charges!!!

Also now using an 8gb memory card on my camera – good ‘ol Sony T200…

The last notable thing here is my interaction with the Transfer counter… The lady there had access to the complete seating arrangement on my flight. She even shared age profile details on the two people who will sit next to me… I had considered changing from a window seat to an aisle seat… mainly because I sat next to a father and son, the teenage son using a leg brace which made getting in and out a little more challenging.

So I’ve learnt that there will be a group of Brisbanites a few rows behind me… đŸ˜‰

Going for a massage now… Aahhh!