Europe 2009 – London Day #4/Sutton Day #1

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Today is the first transition day… from London to Mansfield/Sutton.

I took the Tube from Borough to Victoria and from there walked along Buckingham Palace Road to the Victoria Coach Station.

I planned my morning such that I had 40min for a Full English Breakfast (photo above), which I finally ate at a local cafe next door to the Victoria Coach Station.

The coach (450) to Mansfield was a straightforward 4 hour journey with 2-3 stops along the way (10:30am to 2:30pm). My cousin and her husband were at Mansfield waiting my arrival along with their one-year-old son. Meeting him for the first time was a success as he was quite pleasant and I do love kids.

That afternoon we had lunch – pizza from Domino’s followed by a short drive around Sutton/Mansfield. Dinner that night was a simple home-cooked meal.

My little nephew was very cute and entertaining… he loves to babble and bounce. He doesn’t really cry, but he makes this funny noise in between a laughter and cry when he wants attention. He was also a little too young to be fussy about meeting new people like myself. He has nice big eyes and whilst he looks mainly Asian, there is a hint of his 1/4 English heritage blended in, thanks to his paternal grandfather.