Europe 2009 – Sutton Day #4 (Chatsworth House)

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Today’s day trip was exclusively to Chatsworth House. Chatsworth House is a place filled with history. Briefly, the house is the residence of the Duke of Devonshire, even though there is no locality of Devonshire anymore, and further, Devon is in another part of England altogether. Past Dukes have been quite influential. As an example, one was the Lord Chamberlain to the King and as a perk from this job he got to keep the King’s bed chamber, which was transported to Chatsworth House when the King upgraded.

We arrived around 12:30pm and started of with the gardens. By 2:30pm, after enjoying the sunny weather we had a late lunch. The food was fairly ordinary but the lateness started to affect my nephew who’s eating cycle/routine had been disrupted. Later on, when I was perusing through the Guide book which I had purchased as a souvenir, I realised that even though we had spent two hours in the gardens we had probably only seen one third of the entire gardens!

At around 4pm, we finally ventured into the House and tagged onto a tour group and stayed right up until the 5:30pm closing time. Each room was beautifully decorated and the details in the architecture were exquisite. Instead of attempting to describe the tour and sights and do it injustice, enjoy the following photo galleries:

  1. Chatsworth Gardens
  2. Chatsworth House (coming soon)

On the way back we picked up a large piece of cod and chips pack from the local tavern which was a real bargain and oh so tasty. The fish was under 4 pounds and so fresh. The large size meant that we could all share it, so overall dinner was great value.