New content: Creative & Family

I have added new content to my blog that can be viewed under the Creative category. Writing the material has helped me realise the diversity of interests I have held over the years; but more importantly, much of the material reflects unfinished business.

I guess I’m an ideas guy. I come up with creative ideas; but then struggle to see any one idea through to completion. I learnt in Brand Management, one of my MBA courses, that one of the first steps to understanding and building a brand identity is to look at the ‘roots/history’. Well, to a certain extent, tonight’s pages of content provide a picture of the origin of my ideas. XBOP, which is highly stylised as a blog, is a reflection of me and my interests.

The good thing is that by publishing the skeleton framework first, this new website with the WordPress content management system may actually prompt me to finish all the various things I started, however long ago their creation was.

Thanks for visiting!