Monthly Review: January 2015


This is the first monthly review for 2015. 2014 reports available are:

  1. August Monthly Review
  2. September Monthly Review
  3. October Monthly Review
  4. November Monthly Review
  5. December Monthly Review

January Key Statistics
Statistic # %
Visitors 896 10%
Views 1177 15%
Views/Visitor 1.31 4%
Average Views/Day 37.9 15%

2015 is off to a bumper start. A quick glance at the month view of posts shows a consistent pattern of writing for Monday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s.

The dip in December has bounced back as expected with the general % increases for the key metrics above ranging 10~15%. Comparisons to a year ago (January 2014) are hard to analyse given XBOP has evolved and grown since then. A year ago, I had 40 visitors for the entire month of January, 62 views averaging two per day. Clearly, we have come a long way! Further, this time last year, I was in an extended holiday mode, which is reflected in the fact that no post/page activity was recorded for the entire month, whereas this year I have launched a number of projects in the current three series of writings, which also look to provide some stability for the next season of blogging.

The current three series are aligned to specific days for publication/release:

  1. Monday’s: Event Management & Production case studies
  2. Thursday’s: Memory Verses
  3. Saturday’s: Family Stories

Just this weekend has been a BIG one across the board:

  • Australian Open Finals – congratulations Serena; good luck to Andy Murray & Novak Djokovic for tonight!
  • Asian Cup Finals – congratulations Socceroos!
  • Queensland has voted in their state election and decided Labor may deserve to form government (unclear for now if that is truly the case)
  • Personally, I learnt the true name of my Great Grandfather: Lee Yew Beng

2015 has a lot of promise, so thanks for journeying with me.