Website Updates


With some 250+ pages/posts of content here at XBOP, I have introduced some useful tools to help both readers and myself in navigating through the website structure and information architecture.

Over the last two decades (boy that makes me sound old!) I have maintained my own website. In the mid 1990s, HTML 1.0 was the flavour, and to this date, I still have old files with static content I created back then. Through the late 1990s and early 2000s, I reinvented the wheel, the wheel being my website, 3-4 times. The last attempt was even an attempt to replicate the content management framework that I had helped to code from scratch with a university classmate… With full-time work kicking in, these initiatives remained works in progress. To make matters worse, over the years I had also branched out into various forms of social media and blogging –, LiveJournal and even GeoCities from the first years of the internet…

With WordPress being my choice of content management system since 2013, both and LiveJournal content has been merged into XBOP.

A 2015 refresh of XBOP page content includes:

  1. About page, slightly simplified
  2. NEW Writing Serials page, a one-stop page of all series-based articles
  3. NEW Website History page, a version history of all website non-content changes
  4. NEW Events menu section/page with links to individual case study/articles

The introduction of Website History is built by reviewing the journey that has been ~100 posts. Structurally, XBOP should remain quite stable, although I do have some new content ideas for 2015 which may see a slight addition that tweaks the information architecture. As a preview into my thoughts in this space, I will point out that one top-level menu (Design) remains the least developed. Historically I struggled to differentiate between Creative and the Design sections whereas I now have a clearer path forwards. Maybe this will give a clue: