Monthly Review: February 2015

This is the second monthly review for 2015. The Monthly Review for January is available here.

February Key Statistics
Statistic # %
Visitors 717 -20%
Views 1231 5%
Views/Visitor 1.72 30%
Average Views/Day 44 16%

The month of February has seen a stable maintenance of XBOP viewership in spite of the month being a fairly busy period of website developmental focus. It is difficult to compare February 2015 to the same period last year since back then, I was only emerging from an extended holiday period and website content was minimal. Whilst the number of unique visitors dropped, the amount of time spent viewing content has had a noticeable increase. Is this is a sign of quality over quantity?

Key updates were introduced towards the end of the month, specifically around realigning content according to the evolved nature of the website – new pages summarising the development history as well as presenting a single view of writing serials helps to simplify the growing body of content. Based on the way I have summarises all non-content changes, it is an interesting observation on my part that we are now in a relatively stable mode of Version 2.4. The 15 changes to the website over the entire period have an average duration of 42 days/6 weeks, with seven of them all transpiring within a fortnight of the last. The last version (2.4) has just passed that average duration, and coupled with the previous change (version 2.3) which lasted 106 days/15 weeks, the hope is that 2015 will be a period of stability for the website structure.

Indeed, February has seen content development remain focused according to the plans discussed at the start of the year.