Monthly Review: March 2015

This is the third monthly review for 2015. Other reports for 2015 available:

  1. January
  2. February

March Key Statistics
Statistic # %
Visitors 713 -1%
Views 1001 -19%
Views/Visitor 1.40 -18%
Average Views/Day 32.3 -27%

When reviewing the visitor statistics for the month of March, a number of interesting observations come to mind. Whilst the number of visitors has remained relatively steady, the amount of time spent reading content has returned to a similar rate back in January. Therefore, my conclusion is that the additional viewers for February was a temporary observation, and quite likely a one-off event. Only time will tell and the April report/statistics will help to confirm emerging trends. The long term trend, going back over 22 months worth of data suggests that after an initial period with low visitor levels, the last six month period suggests a slow yet steady incremental increase in viewer-ship; the quick conclusion – people are slowly reading the material I post. Other than visitor metric, all other measures recorded decreases for the month.

The month of March as a whole began quite strongly and consistently, building upon the framework of defined Writing Serials. Writing up each Memory Verses article has been really helpful. I have found the material highly beneficial when relating it to current church sermon topics. Whilst I have not explicitly directed friends and life group members to read it, I have indirectly made reference to it. Wrapping up the Family Stories writing serial early in March freed up and slightly relieved the self-applied goal and pressure of publishing thrice a week. Inadvertently, that Saturday publication slot has become the home of my next writing serial on my Wired Networking experience.

A smattering of status update styled posts have recently been published, reflecting short snippets of more up-to-date information.

The use of status update styled posts may be explored further as a way to better integrate XBOP into channels like Facebook. One of the annoying things about that particular WordPress feature is that the type of post is not easily selectable. In fact, the choice of post format seems only available from the iOS WordPress app:  


This is just one example of how XBOP will continue to evolve throughout 2015.

Thanks for reading and visiting XBOP.