Monthly Review: July & August 2015


This is the seventh monthly review for 2015. Other reports for 2015 available:

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It is appropriate that I return to XBOP with this monthly review report, to cover the period of July and August. Whilst the busy period of work is not quite over, I do feel it is important to return to a regular blogging cycle as best as possible.

Statistic July # July % Aug # Aug %
Visitors 455 -37% 399 -12%
Views 650 49% 527 -19%
Views/Visitor 1.43 -18% 1.32 -8%
Average Views/Day 23.2 -49% 18.8% -19%

The statistical review for XBOP as shown in the summary metrics above is a combination of my June twitter campaign, followed by my absence from blogging which kicked in mid-way through the month of July. The following insight graphic, courtesy of WordPress statistics, helps visualise this absence:


My absence here was not purely about work, as mentioned in the last post, but also a busy social life outside of work has kept me preoccupied from blogging. However, in returning to XBOP, and completing all 15+ WordPress updates, including the upgrade to WordPress 4.3, I find that incoming traffic here has remained fairly stable, after factoring in the return to normal flows post the twitter campaign.

The traditional first graphic that headlines these monthly reviews helps to show the effect of the June Twitter campaign, which boosted visitors by 50%, which, for the investment is a very reasonable return. Naturally, without a pipeline of content throughout recent weeks, the campaign was always going to end anyway. I have satisfied myself sufficiently to know that Twitter advertising works, should I wish to return to it as a more long-term strategic positioning for XBOP.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I find that is true when it comes to blogging and developing content for XBOP. In particular, the Memory Verse serial has carried a deeper spiritual purpose, which I found one of the biggest changes when I stopped it. Now, in returning to blogging, I am aware that there only remain three memory verses left in the series, so the absence has only delayed the inevitable; that the series would end. I have however, always had in mind future Christian-theme content in mind for the next series that will commence once I complete the final three memory verse articles.

The first idea was to use the content framework/structure of the Alpha course, which I participated in for Term 2, 2015, as the basis for this next writing serial. In recent times, the power of prayer has become a reality for me. I do not want to say too much here other than it will definitely influence XBOP in a major way, in conjunction with the street outreach / Going Public activities from Clayton Church. Further, from a Christian theme perspective, as a member of my church’s Worship Ministry/Team, I have had the privilege of being a part of our recent team effort in developing our album of new worship songs. This journey too will feature in this later half of 2015. At this time of writing, two of three weddings have been held – which in total span the period of July to September (end). Each wedding deserves a case study write-up to align with my contribution across each, as part of further enhancing my Event Management & Production content. The final theme that is current and in-progress will see Operation Christmas Child feature once again, building upon the foundation that was 2014.

As you can see, there is a lot of content that is yet to come – all I need is time to be able to fulfil all these desires that God has placed on my heart. I find blogging here at XBOP is a form of reflection that is quite important for our health and well-being. More will be said when I commence my new series on the power of prayer, but all the above keywords and themes are interrelated via the underlying love from and of God.

One of the interesting insights to share here as a final thought is to do with the top content that XBOP has developed a reputation for, as seen in the top post/page content that attracts visitors. No matter whether I am regularly posting new content or not, since 2014, a handful of articles have developed a staying power/timelessness. My first post article that gained attention was on the topic of ProPresenter – appropriately titled ProPresenter + OS X Yosemite = ?, which is now one year old! In part, Apple’s launch of Yosemite in October 2014 may have created a peak demand for the content. A number of ProPresenter related articles here at XBOP all collectively have regular visitors, although not in large numbers. Since Yosemite is a year old, it is only fair that I release the next successor article ProPresenter + OS X El Capitan to continue my review and commentary. The other article/topic that seems to have developed staying power, via regular search hits, appears to be my Favourite Worship Songs writing serial, each article covering a difference decade. Unlike the ProPresenter topic, instead of having an initial peak, this one seems to be growing over time – that is every month, more and more visitors seem to be searching and finding the article. This has been totally unexpected and a very nice outcome; I think I partly understand what is happening behind the clicks…

In signing off here, I thank you once again for your patience and viewership.