Monthly Review: July 2016


July Key Statistics
Statistic # % yoy % 3ma 3ma%
Visitors 652 33% 43% 574.7 16%
Views 1017 46% 56% 889.0 19%
Views/Visitor 1.56 10% 9% 1.5 3%
Average Views/Day 35.1 46% 51% 30.7 19%

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Analytical Summary

This report draft began on 1 August whilst I was overseas on holiday. Partly because of the holiday activities, the draft lay dormant and has only now been completed. The first most obvious conclusion to be drawn from the data shown above is that whereas the month of June was full of negative numbers and poor results, the month of July is across the board back in the positive. If anything, whilst the three-month-moving-average does not clearly point to this, the see-saw trend of low month and high month continues. When analysing the data, a number of observations are possible:

  • Compared to the last “high” month of May, it is all the more pleasing to see that July has bettered the highs recorded for May – in every measure.
  • With views exceeding the 1000 mark, July becomes the #2 month in terms of monthly views; January holding the 2016 record of 1205.
  • The record 652 visitors in itself comes close to the total number of views for the whole previous month!
  • The same record 652 visitors is a new record for 2016; we approach the levels of 700+ that have featured on XBOP in 2014-2015.
  • With most of the three-month-moving-averages registering for the month in the low teens, a discernible upward trend and momentum potential is emerging for this period.
  • All eyes and attention will turn to the next month to see what further trends are confirmed.

Posting Activity


With 21 posts published in July, one of the stand-out visible indicators that the Insight image on the right shows is that there were three days when multiple posts were released. Further, since the graphic provides a snapshot of 2016, this   is a fairly uncommon practice here at XBOP. The dark shade indicates 3 post were published on the same day. To complete the labelling, the darker share of blue equates to 2 posts whereas the light blue is the standard single-post per day norm.

July’s posting activity began with the Exercising Faith series, before launching into the main theme of the month: Dave & the Plushies. With the album songs potentially stretching out like Higher Than I earlier this year, I elected to post two/three songs at a time, every two or three days, With this theme playing out, a number of additional timely posts were added to the mix. In this way, a timely post on Pokemon Go: Catch Them All? featured in the middle. The final content posted for the month saw me start yet another series on Social Media (YouTube) as well the first post for the 40 Days of Community, which transitions us into August.

The implication I realise of this work is that I have a lot of writing projects and series commenced and remaining works of progress:

  1. Family Christmas Cruise (December 2015)
  2. My Identity In Christ
  3. Exercising Faith
  4. 40 Days of Community
  5. Social Media

Add to these projects, thematic and cyclical writing on Apple, technology and family and you can appreciate I have a huge writing backlog! August priorities will be on the 40 Days of Community. As an exercise of self-motivation, I do enjoy blogging here at XBOP, and the challenge these days is in finding time to enable me to clear out the backlog. Early August includes the final overseas holiday travel for 2016, which also creates the self-expectation/goal for yet another writing series for 2016.

Outside of XBOP, daily life continues to power on, and life experiences and happenings all create additional opportunities for me to blog about, but I avoid opening this box since there is already so much to cover from the above alone… May August help address some of the above and free me up to tackle the other projects throughout the remainder of the 2016. In reviewing the month of July I think the realistic goal would be to ensure the above open/unfinished writing projects are all complete by the end of the calendar year! Let us see how I go according to that goal! With God’s help, all things are possible!