Monthly Review: August 2016


August Key Statistics
Statistic # % yoy % 3ma 3ma%
Visitors 580 -11% 45% 574.7 0%
Views 1021 0% 94% 912.0 3%
Views/Visitor 1.76 13% 33% 1.6 3%
Average Views/Day 35.2 0% 87% 31.4 3%

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Analytical Summary

The month of August has been quite a bumper month as a whole. Coming off the back of a strong July, this month is the first for the year to break the previous trend/cycle of high-low-high-low. With the total views more or less equal to that of July, and a slight 11% dip in visitors, August has been a solid month given the following context:

  • The first fortnight saw me travelling overseas
  • The return to work and life in Melbourne has been challenging in terms of busy-ness

Whilst the main two metrics on visitors and visits is relatively stable, the views/visitor and average views/day show a three-month-average improvement.

When analysing the data, a number of observations are possible:

  • August has better the views record to become  #2 month in terms of monthly views; January remains the comfortable 2016 record with 1205.
  • The 2016 total views is just shy of 7000 whereas the same period (January – August) for 2015 saw 7300+ views. For both 2015 and 2016,
  • The total accumulated views for 2016 exceeds the total for the whole of 2014.
  • Comparing the monthly accumulative totals for 2015 to 2016 (new metrics added to statistical analysis), 2016 remains down on 2015, mainly because 2015 had a very strong start over the January – March period.
  • August generally has helped to consolidated the trends first seen in July.
  • For 2016, four months (January, May, July and now August) have set records for record monthly total views whilst another three months (May, July and August) have set new monthly records for the monthly visitors metric.

The 12 monthly records are thus:

Monthly Records
Month Visitor Year View Year
January 2015 (896) 2016 (1206)
February 2015 (717) 2015 (1231)
March 2015 (713) 2015 (1001)
April 2015 (527) 2015 (715)
May 2016 (484) 2016 (952)
June 2015 (725) 2015 (1266)
July 2016 (652) 2016 (1017)
August 2016 (580) 2016 (1021)
September 2015 (395) 2015 (540)
October 2014 (1505) 2014 (1829)
November 2014 (1378) 2014 (1748)
December 2014 (813) 2014 (1026)

Posting Activity


The 40 Days of Community is unfortunately incomplete after a week or so of consecutive blogging. In part, I want to excuse myself from not meeting the expectations because of my travels. It was true that the moment I reached Kuching the blogging stopped primarily because spending time in real-life with family was a clear priority. Upon return to Melbourne, a number of family-based content updates were necessary since the trip and meeting up with family generated a range of updates to the existing Family Stories work. These updates generated the vast bulk of views and visitors for the month over a four-day period, as seen below.


Without adding to the pressures of incomplete writing/work, the list for 2016 completion remains:

  1. Family Christmas Cruise (December 2015)
  2. My Identity In Christ
  3. Exercising Faith
  4. 40 Days of Community
  5. Social Media

August has been a most enjoyable month, if not busy as always. September promises to be just as busy and demanding as the year continues forward. Enjoy the start of Spring (or Autumn if you are northern hemisphere based)!