Lifeline Whiteout Walkthrough #5: At the Crash Site


Having recently played this game through to completion, I decided that in the absence of a proper written walk-through, I would create one here. Warning: Spoiler Alerts!The game Lifeline: Whiteout is developed by 3 Minute and available on iTunes and Google Play. This walk-through focuses on the fourth chapter of the game titled “At the Crash Site”.  Click here to view the table of contents/list of chapters.

Main Story

Oh my God!
There’s wreckage everywhere… The helicopter was split wide open.
The rotor blades snapped, like they were just twigs!
The engines are on fire, and it’s made it t othe cockpit – what’s left of it.

Looks like the fuel tanks were damaged too. That’s what’s fueling the f ires.

Damn, they must have hit the hillside directly…
Also… There are two bodies int he cockpit…

I can’t tell what caused the crash. It’s all twisted metal…
What were they thinking?
What a waste.

Decision A:
A1: Search the bodies.
A2: Did any of the equipment survive?

Decision A1: Search the bodies

Multiple decision points join the story-line here:

  • Decision B4: You’ll be fine. Go to the crash site
  • Decision C5: You’re right. Search the bodies instead.
  • Decision C6: Search the debris. Just to be sure.

They were both wearing helmets… I think. It’s hard to tell.
They’re so charred and…
Gimme a minute.

[Adams is busy]

I just… got overwhelmed.
I hope they died instantly from the impact…

Instead of… being burned alive.
And who were they? What were they even doing here?
Hey! Look at this!
One of them is wearing a jumpsuit like mine!

The patch is too burned, though. I can’t read the name! Dammit!

Decision B:
B1: Check their pockets for items.
B2: Are  you sure you’re okay, Adams?

Decision B1: Check their pockets for items

Even if whatever they had survived the crash and the fire, there are two problems.

They’re still hot from the fire, and that fire is currently enveloping the cockpit.

Basically, I’ll get burned if I get any closer.

But, there is a metal box at the far end of the cabin!
Oh man… This fire is so… nice. If it wasn’t for the smell, it would be very pleasant.

[Decision C3: It’s not your fault. There’s nothing you can do joins this story-line.]

I probably shouldn’t let this fire burn uncontrolled though…

Decision C:
C1: Extinguish the fire to get the box.
C2: Warm yourself up first.

Decision C1: Extinguish the fire to get the box

Are you sure?
I mean, sure that box looks intact, but who knows what’s in it?
And this is the only source of heat I have right now.
Not only that, but I can barely see the sun through these dense, milky clouds.

It’s definitely heading down. I can just feel it cin my own internal clock. Night is coming.

What I mean is, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to extinguish my only source of warmth.

What do you think?

Decision D:
D1: You’re right. That fire will keep you alive.
D2: What if that box has something important?

Decision D1: You’re right. That fire will keep you alive

Yeah. It’s for the best. This fire won’t just keep me warm, but protect me from any wildlife too.
Now I know why cavemen worshipped fire!

Oh… I feel the warmth spreading through my body in waves!
I had no idea… I was that cold…

[Decision C2: Warm yourself up first joins this story-line.]

Wait! I think I hear a high-pitched beep!

Decision E:
E1: Extinguish the fire and locate the sound!
E2: Are you sure you heard something?

Decision E1: Extinguish the fire and locate the sound!

[Decision D2: What if that box has something important? joins this story-line.]

You’ve gotten me this far. I trust your judgement.
Good thing there’s plenty of snow around.
It’s just a matter of quantity and time until I extinguish the fire.
I’ll let you know once I’m done.

[Adams is busy]

[Decision E2: Are you sure you heard something? joins this story-line.]

I’m back.
I extinguished the fire, but I can barely feel my hands from all the snow I threw on it.

The box was unlocked – the first bit of luck I’ve had today!
So I found out what was making that noise. It was a piece of surveillance equipment.

I guess the beep was a malfunction or warning sound – something like that.

But it’s dead now. Useless.
But, there’s more!
There’s a flare! I have no idea how it survived the crash.
Also, this is far from my forte but, if I have to guess, this is a satellite map of the area.

It’s only a part of it, but I can’t be picky in t his situation, right?
Here’s the lake where I work up, and here’s the hill where I am now.
Let’s see now…
Okay. I think I’ve got a better idea of where I am.
There are only two other points of interest on this little map.
There’s a small structure about six miles northwest from my current location.

The other is a bridge. It’s maybe two miles southeast from here.
It’s your call, pal.

Decision F:
F1: Investigate the structure
F2: Head for the bridge

Decision F1: Investigate the structure

All right! Six miles is a lot of ground to cover… Especially in this terrain.
The worst part is night’s falling soon. It’s already getting dark.
So, I’ll move as quick as I can.
I don’t want to slip and break a leg, or worse…
I’ll call you when I get there.

[Adams is busy]

Hey! It’s me!
I’m not sure, but I think I’m halfway there.
This is far from a stroll in the park…

Maybe 15 minutes after I started, the terrain became very rugged.
I’ve been traversing small hills covered with ice and snow.
Anyway, I’m really thirsty from all this walking.
And eating salty beef jerky probably didn’t help.
I know I already ate a little, but is it safe to eat snow?

Decision G:
G1: Of course! It’s just frozen water.
G2: A little won’t hurt you, but I wouldn’t risk it.

Decision G1: Of course! It’s just frozen water

I was hoping you’d sasy that.
My thirst is killing me!
I’m craving some root beer right now. Isn’t  that weird?
I can’t even remember if I like root beer…

[Adams is busy]

If you’ve never tasted snow – it’s not so bad!
I gorged myself until I quenched that terrible thirst.
I’m cold again, but it was worth it!
I just hope I don’t get sick… My throat feels a bit… raw? Maybe I’m just dehydrated?
Getting sick in the middle of nowhere is not a good prospect.
I’ll speed up a bit to warm myself.
Talk to you once I reach the structure!

Adams out.

[Adams is busy]

[Decision G3: Don’t risk it. Turn back joins this story-line.]

Hey! Sorry to bother you again, but I’ve got a problem.
I’m maybe a mile away from the structure, maybe even less.
The terrain is so uneven now that I can’t see it yet.
What’s worse is I just heard howling in the distance…
But it doesn’t sound like a dog to me.
I can’t determine the distance or direction…

There it is again! Did you hear that?

The last thing I need right now is a pack of wolves chasing me!
What should I do?

Decision H:
H1: You’re so close. Run, before they get you!
H2: Play it safe. Confuse them and change directions!

Decision H1: You’re so close. Run, before they get you!

All right! I’ll hurry as much as I can!
I just hope I’ll reach the structure before nightfall…
… or before those wolves find me.
Sorry, but I’m going radio silent for a bit.
You don’t want to hear my loud panting.
Talk to you soon! Adams over and out!

[Adams is busy]


I made it!
I saw the structure just a moment ago.
Frankly, it doesn’t look like much.
I’ve gotta say – I expected a bit more…
What I thought was a large building is basically two metal containers shoved together like some kind of makeshift station.
Wait! There’s that barking again.
It’s making me jumpy. I really, really don’t like the idea of those wolves cornering me here…
Hey. Wait a second…
There’s something difference about that sound.
Now that I’m closer to the barking, it sounds more like a dog than a wolf…

Alternate Routes

Decision A2: Did any of the equipment survive?

As f ar as I can tell, all of their equipment looks decimated.
Some of it from the impact, the rest probably by the fires.
I doubt that there’s anything salvageable in there.
Man, what a mess.

Decision I:
B3: Could be the debris. There could be something useful.
B4: What about the bodies? [Refer to Main Story-line Decision A1]

Decision B2: Are  you sure you’re okay, Adams?

It’s just… What a horrible way to go.
I imagined their last moments. The panic. The fear.
The utter despair.
But more than that… Who were they?
What if we were colleagues? Maybe even my friends…
What can’t I remember anything?!
Were they searching for me? Were they here to rescue me?
Maybe not, but I feel bad about it. Like it’s my fault.
I’m sorry…

Decision J:
C3: It’s not your fault. There’s nothing you can do.
C4: Forget about them. Let’s keep going.

Decision B3: Could be the debris. There could be something useful

The debris is scattered all over the place, maybe as far as a few hundred yards.
This was one hell of a crash.
I’m not sure I should waste daylight and energy sifting through it all…
Do you think anything could have survived intact?

Decision K:
C5: You’re right. Search the bodies instead.
C6: Search the debris. Just to be sure.

Decision C2: Warm yourself up first

I feel the warmth spreading through my body in waves!
This is… the best feeling in the world.

Since I know what is… fueling this fire…

I’m a little sick to my stomach,.
Just a bit…

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision D1]

Decision C3: It’s not your fault. There’s nothing you can do

You’re right. I want to bury them, but I can’t even do that in all this ice and snow.
The only thing I can do is keep going.

What’s that?
Hey, there’s a metal box at the far end of the cabin!
But t his fire is blocking the way.
Man… It’s so warm…

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision B1]

Decision C4: Forget about them. Let’s keep going

That’s easy for you to say!

Sorry, I guess seeing them  just reminded me of my own predicament.
I’m in the middle of nowhere, with little food, slowly freezing to death.

Night’s falling and…
I’ll probably join them soon.
Maybe I should just give up now while I’m ahead.
Just get it over with now.
Instead of dragging myself through this unforgiving white wasteland, suffering and delaying the inevitable.

I can’t do this…

Decision L:
D3: You can, and I’m here to help you.
D4: Whining won’t help. You need to focus.

Decision C5: You’re right. Search the bodies instead

I’m back.

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision A1 above]

Decision C6: Search the debris. Just to be sure

All right. Here goes. There must be something here.
I’ll contact you when I’m done.
Or if I find something…
But I doubt it.

[Adams is busy]

I give up.
I’ve looked everywhere, even lifting some heavy metal plates…
And except for seeing what a high-speed impact can do to a helicopter, I didn’t find anything useful.

But I did find something interesting. A torn paper.
It was mostly burnt, but I could make out some numbers and part of a phrase: “IATE TERSUS PRO”
It must be Latin or something… I have no idea. Maybe these guys were scientists?

I should get back to the wreck and search their bodies.
Back in a few.
Adams out.

[Adams is busy]

I’m back.

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision A1 above]

Decision D2: What if that box has something important?

That’s true.
Hey, not that I’m focusing on it…
Did you hear that?
I thjink I hear a faint beeping coming from inside!
You might be right, I should have a look at that…

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision E1 above]

Decision D3: You can, and I’m here to help you

For a moment, everything seemed so hopeless.
The wind’s picking up and that’s not helping.

I’ll just… come  c loser… to the fire in the cabin.
Aww… Warmth!
Hmm? There’s a metal box at the end of the cabin!
I’ll check it out, once I get this damn chill off me.
Man, I really needed this.

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision B1 above]

Decision D4: Whining won’t help. You need to focus

You’re a bit ruthless… Has anyone ever told you that?
But… You’re right.
I’ve got to focus on surviving. I don’t have much time before sunset.
Dammit! I’m so cold!
I know this fire is tragic, but I just need to warm myself up.
Aww… Warmth! I can feel my fingers again…

Hmm? I think I see a metal box at the far end of the cabin.
I’ll check it out, once I get this damn chill off me.
Man, I really needed this.

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision B1 above]

Decision E2: Are you sure you heard something?

After a day like this, I’m sure my sanity is in question.
But, I actually DO hear a beeping sound.

Just a minute.
I’ll see where it’s coming from.

[Adams is busy]

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision E1 above]

Decision F2: Head for the bridge

All right. It’s only two miles away… but the terrain is pretty rugged.

I don’t know how much time I’ll need to get there.
I’ll contact you when I do.
Wish me luck!

[Adams is busy]

Well. I made it!
Lucky for me, the terrain is pretty flat.

The coming night completely froze the snow, so other than slipping and falling a few times, I had no problems.
I can see the bridge now. Give me a couple of minutes to get closer.

[Adams is busy]

Okay, I scouted it out.
The bridge spans over a wild, cold river. It’s made of metal, but it doesn’t look very sturdy.
It’s swaying back and forth in the wind, which doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

There’s ice covering most of the bridge as well.
It doesn’t have any rails either. It looks like it’s used for old ground transport vehicles.

It looks pretty old and unused, to be honest.

I’m nor really prepared for ice either. These boots don’t have the best grip.

It looks pretty slippery…
One wrong step and I’ll be falling headlong into that river.
There’s no climbing out of that little gorge.

It’s at last 60 feet deep with sheer cliffs on either side.
I’d survive the fall but I don’t think I’d survive that current.
What do you think?

Decision M:
G3: Don’t risk it. Turn back.
G4: Cross the bridge carefully.

Decision G2: A little won’t hurt you, but I wouldn’t risk it

That’s what I was worried about.
I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with this thirst.
At least until I find some water, that is.

IF I find water.
Adams out.

[Adams is busy]

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision G1 above]

Decision G3: Don’t risk it. Turn back

I’ve gotta tell you.
I’m SO glad you made that call.
I just visualised myself getting halfway across the bridge…
And  then – BAM! Just one slip and a very long fall.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me… imagining my own death like that.
I’m heading back. call you once I’m there.

Adams out.

[Adams is busy]

Made it!
I hurried a bit on the way back… Not to gain any time – it’s not like I’m in a rush.

Although, it is getting pretty dark.
I just wanted to warm myself up with some exercise.
But after this hike, there’s nothing I want more than to curl up near that helicopter fire.

That’s not an option anymore, unfortunately.

Anyway, I’ll head for that structure.

I don’t know how much time I’ll need, especially since I’m feeling tired from all this walking…
I’ll let you know when I’m there.

[Adams is busy]

[Refer to Main Story-line Decision G1 above]

Decision G4: Cross the bridge carefully

I don’t like this, but I’ll do it. Carefully, like you said.
There must be something important on the other side of this bridge.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t even be here, right?

I’ll call you once I’m across.

If I can cross it.
Adams out.

[Adams out]

I’m almost halfway across the bridge.

Every foot of it is covered in thick ice, so I’m being extra careful.
It’s been really hard to keep my footing, but there’s a bit more.

Then I–

Signal interrupted.
Attempting to reconnect…
Connection lost…

[End of transmission]

Decision H2: Play it safe. Confuse them and change directions!

You’re right.
Playing it (mostly) safe is what got me this far.
I’ll head in the opposite direction from that howling.
The problem is that it’s almost nighttime, and I don’t have any kind of shelter.

But, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, I guess.
Talk to you soon.
Adams out.

[Adams is busy]

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. but…

Night fell about half an hour ago, and I’m really cold.
I think I’m just going to lie in the snow for a minute.
Close my eyes for a bit, recover some of my strength.
Maybe even eat a bit of that gross beef jerky later.
I won’t fall asleep…
I promise.

Signal interrupted.
Attempting to reconnect…
Connection lost…

[End of transmission]


Commentary & Analysis

The process diagram for Chapter 4 highlights both the complexity of the decision nodes and routes to follow. Interestingly, whilst the chapter appears complex, since all routes pass through decision node F, this in itself simplifies the number of choices. It should also be noted that there are two possible ways to die now.


A total of 560 possible routes exists for Chapter 4. Given 240 routes lead to the decision path H1. there is a 43% probability of survival compared to a 57% chance of death. The path chosen for the main story flows the standard first choice/decision route which ultimately leads to survival, and arriving at the makeshift station (Chapter 5) in 8 moves. This is merely one of 67 possibilities which take a total of 8 moves/decisions. The shortest route of six steps will lead to death whereas 9 routes take a minimum of 7 steps to survive (2% probability). The most common and likely route however is to make 10 decisions and arrive at the makeshift station (66 possibilities or 12%). With the final decision having a 50%/50% chance of death, it should be a no-brainer via the decision description that if you are so close, to persevere, instead of giving up and confusing the perceived threat.

The following table shows the 9 shortest routes for surviving:

Route Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7
Route 1 A1 B1 C1 D2 (E1) F1 G1 H1
Route 2 A1 B1 C1 D2 (E1) F1 G2 (G1) H1
Route 3 A1 B1 C1 D2 (E1) F2 G3 (G1) H1
Route 4 A1 B1 C2 (D1) E1 F1 G1 H1
Route 5 A1 B1 C2 (D1) E1 F1 G2 (G1) H1
Route 6 A1 B1 C2 (D1) E1 F2 G3 (G1) H1
Route 7 A1 B1 C2 (D1) E2 (E1) F1 G1 H1
Route 8 A1 B1 C2 (D1) E2 (E1) F1 G2 (G1) H1
Route 9 A1 B1 C2 (D1) E2 (E1) F2 G3 (G1) H1