Monthly Review: October 2016


October Key Statistics
Statistic # % yoy % 3ma 3ma%
Visitors 866 46% 117% 679.3 12%
Views 1440 38% 178% 1167.0 14%
Views/Visitor 1.66 -5% 28% 1.7 2%
Average Views/Day 46.5 2% 178% 38.0 14%

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Analytical Summary

Across all statistics reported above, the table is a clean sweep of positive outcomes bar one – the percentage increase for views per visitor, which declined because the growth rate of visitors and views are two independent metrics, whereby the main increase in number of new visitors was probably limited to their one-time viewing a particular page of content. Content and viewer stickiness remains therefore a constant and ongoing challenge for XBOP.

For 2016, October claims the following records:

  • Visitor-related
    • Most visitors for a month in 2016 (866 versus the next nearest of 652 recorded in July)
    • Best year-on-year growth (117% improvement on the 400 visitors recorded for October 2015)
    • Best three-month-moving average (679.3) for the year, confirming the current growth trend
  • View-related
    • Most views for a month in 2016 (1440 versus 1206 recorded in January)
    • Achieved the 26000 views milestone (26003 views accumulated)
    • Exceeded the total views for 2015 (9146 total views for 2015)
    • Best year-on-year growth (178% improvement on the 518 views recorded for October 2015)
    • Best three-month-moving average since January 2015 (1317)
  • Average Views per Day
    • Best average views per day for a month in 2016 (49.7 versus the next nearest of 439.1 recorded in January)
    • Best average views per day for a month since November 2014 (58.3 average views is that next highest figure)

It is worth mentioning, that in spite of all the achievements and records set above, the overall monthly visitor and view records for the month of October remain unchanged:

  • All-time visitors for a month: October 2014 (1505)
  • All-time views for a month: October 2014 (1829)

A review of the average views per day metric revealed a weakness in the static reporting of this metric. To improve the accuracy of this metric, the number of reporting days for each month period have been tracked and are now used to calculate the average views per day. Whilst the statistics engine is fully updated, previous monthly review reports will not be retrospectively corrected.

Posting Activity

october2016-postingactivityThe month of October has been somewhat erratic and inconsistent when it comes to posting content. This is best seen in the visual representation of posts, whereby the spacing of light blue blocks is scattered but not clear pattern is truly discernible. For two weeks, a three-consecutive day posting activity is visible. The main reason behind this is simply that normal life activities and events has been moderately busy and thus time for writing and posting is harder to come by. Between the demands of work, social life and church commitments, there is not as much time available to blog and write. In one sense, it is good that I refuse to compromise on quality to pursue quantity.

The Lifeline: Whiteout game walk-through series is an interesting collection of content given the decision and choice based game play enables a more analytical approach to understanding and appreciating the game. If you have not already realised, there is a quantitative and analytical part to my character which this latest project has inadvertently helped inspire me in the way I have developed and written up the walk-through material. After all, I am a Business Analyst by trade, and analysis (process and data wise) has a certain appeal to me.

The danger with this section of my monthly reviews is that I tend to summarise and list out reasons why I am not posting more here at XBOP. When one becomes driven by statistics and data, it can fuel and motivate blogging, in this case, for the wrong reasons. Whilst it is exciting to see new records set and wonder at how and why people are attracted to read this material. it is always important not to get lost and consumed in the pursuit of more traffic (visitors and views).

The XBOP Evolution Continues

In parallel to writing up the Lifeline: Whiteout game content, another project that formed part of the latest version (v3.6) to XBOP was the Song Lyric Analysis content. Providing a new single page resource which lists and showcases worship songs and their lyrics that I have analysed is something practical in my opinion. It taps into one of the current ways in which God inspires me in the pursuit of Him – worshipping God with clarity and understanding behind lyrics.

Another practical use which may parallel this latest update is not such an innovative or new idea. Rather, social discussions amongst brothers and sisters within my life-group have centred around reading books. Quite a few of us enjoy reading and recommending material to each other. Some topics are shared passions, and invariably, we each have been spending money to accumulate and build up individual libraries of Christian resources. In time, this idea may also include book review content here at XBOP…