Monthly Review: February 2017

February 2017 has been a successful month overall for XBOP. After January’s exceeding success, it is not fair to compare February to January. Instead, when we consider December 2016 as the next monthly period, February does look very healthy and even record breaking.

Statistics & Records

Statistic # % yoy % 3ma 3ma%
Visitors 2182 -89% 399% 7797.7 6%
Views 5415 -92% 694% 26266.3 6%
Views/Visitor 2.48 -30% 59% 2.6 14%
Average Views/Day 193.4 14% 694% 853.5 6%

A number of records have still been set for the month of February:

  • Visitors:
    • Achieved the 40,000 visitors milestone (currently 41,613)
    • Best three-month-moving average, ever (7,797.7 versus 7,337.7 set in January 2017)
    • Best three-month-moving average for 2017
  • Views: 
    • Achieved over 5,000 views for a month (second consecutive time, when including January 2017)
    • Best three-month-moving average, ever (26,266.3 versus 24,865.7 set in January 2017)
    • Best three-month-moving average for 2017

February’s new records are such because even though January is the stand-out month, February’s performance exceeded that of November, which was part of the January three-month-moving average (January defined by the period November + December + January). With November dropping off and being replaced by February, as long as more visitors and views were received for the latest month, these metrics would continue to peak. Looking forward, the March three-month-moving average has every chance of improving one final time, assuming the performance exceeds December 2016. It is highly anticipated that the April three-month-moving average will crash given that is when January’s stellar contribution is removed from the formula.

February is undoubtedly influenced by the success of Janaury with some of the persistent traffic gains from January.

Compared to Normal Months

If we exclude the month of January 2017 from our statistical analysis on the basis that it is a data outlier, an understanding of how February has performed within the wider context is possible:

  • Monthly visitors have increased 79% between the two months (December 2016 and February 2017)
  • Monthly views have increased 40%
  • The average views per visitor metric has also improved 41%

Even with December 2016 providing an upward trend and positive growth, February 2017 demonstrates, that after the phenomenal results of January, we remain on an improved upward trend. November was already a comparative flat-lining of the general increase from previous and recent months of 2016, so February’s results are a considerable improvement.

Monthly Reflection & Content Forecast

The posts for the month of February have been primarily focused on Timothy Group homework and continuing the game walk-through write-ups for the remaining chapters of the Lifeline Whiteout game. The progress of content updates was “interrupted” by a week holiday in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. This holiday experience will invariably be shared here. Towards the end of February, other new developments in terms of technology have emerged which also deserve a write-up and review.