Monthly Review: March 2017

The results for March 2017 are best contextualised under busy circumstances where only 3 new post made it to publication for the entire month. Had I been more successful with publishing new content, the question remains on whether March results could have been better…

Statistics & Records

Statistic # % yoy % 3ma 3ma%
Visitors 1955 -10% 281% 8042.3 3%
Views 3814 -30% 378% 4614.5 -83%
Views/Visitor 1.95 -21% 25% 2.7 2%
Average Views/Day 193.4 14% 694% 853.5 6%

As expected, four records were set for the month of March:

  • Visitors:
    • Best three-month-moving average, ever (8042.3 versus 7,797.7 set the previous month – February 2017)
    • Best three-month-moving average for 2017
  • Views: 
    • Best three-month-moving average, ever (26,821.7 versus 26,266.3 set the previous month – February 2017)
    • Best three-month-moving average for 2017


Compared to Normal Months

If we exclude the month of January 2017 from our statistical analysis on the basis that it is a data outlier, an understanding of how March has performed within the wider context is possible:

  • With 1955 visitors, this performance improves on December 2016 or the entire year of 2016.
  • Similarly, with 3814 views, this record is comfortably above all months of 2016.
  • The average views per visitor metric is once again above the average/maximums for 2016.

With regular views received for the Lifeline Whiteout content, which unfortunately remains incomplete, a steady source of traffic appears visible for XBOP.

Monthly Reflection & Content Forecast

Whilst there are multiple reasons for my busy-ness, generally, XBOP blogging has been prioritised. The routine Monday – Friday, 9-5 work has increased in load throughout the month, along with demands on my time outside of business hours. Even Timothy Group homework has been neglected, which is telling, given the content was homework.

There is the temptation to back-date content publications to fill out the month, but at the same time, I do need to focus on moving forwards. With Easter approaching rapidly, 2017 is in full swing and momentum from January is now clearly a one-off.

Outstanding commitments to content for April remain:

  1. Lifeline Whiteout Walkthroughs
  2. Timothy Group homework
  3. CCTV series continuation

Whilst this list is short, the challenge remains given my schedule, on when I managed to fulfil this commitment.