Monthly Review: May 2017

The month of May can be summarised in the line: Less visitors viewed more content and spent more time at XBOP.

Statistics & Records

Statistic # % yoy % 3ma 3ma%
Visitors 1627 -6% 181% 1771.7 -9%
Views 3581 8% 276% 3571.7 -15%
Views/Visitor 2.2 15% 34% 2.0 -4%
Average Views/Day 119.4 -4% 276% 117.7 -17%

The following records were achieved during the month of May:

  • Record visitors for the month of May (580 the previous year)
  • Record views for the month of May (the one month beats the first 16 months of accumulative views)
  • On average, visitors have viewed at least 2 pages of content (2.2 views/visitor) this month.

Note: I am now working to create a dedicated page which lists all records and milestones. In this way, each Monthly Review is merely a commentary of track changes to this master list.

Monthly Reflection



The month of May has been busy, although the three new posts during the month do not completely reflect this. The next graphic shows how the content posts were all within the one week duration, punctuating the month of otherwise silence.

2017-05-InsightsAt least, I can say that it improved on the month of March in terms of number of posts made… The fact that the last edition of Month Review was one week late reflects the general level of busy-ness.

In fairness, and you have to take my word for it, I have quite a lot of works-in-progress. A number of articles are unfortunately not ready for publication. I even tried to get one article ready in mid-May for release, but then I missed the deadline. That particular article was also focused on a specific date/event, so missing the deadline really made the article use it’s purpose and effect. Whether I now choose to release it in a future year remains to be seen.

This year, as I was reminded, my mother’s birthday coincided with Mother’s Day. Whilst a timely tribute for that occasion was drafted, that too missed it’s deadline and I this Facebook post was the compromise.


New movies were added to my list of experiences as was a day-trip to Mornington. Whilst it has yet to be published, the next chapter of the Lifeline Whiteout series is well under way and close to being released.

In order to help me get XBOP content back on track, I need to find a conducive way to my blogging. Some of my content development requires and benefits from sitting down and writing whereas this requires extra time spent at a computer. Blogging whilst on the move requires me to be sitting down on the train, and having that dedicated space. Late at night, I find I just want to relax more than spend time blogging…

Welcome officially to Winter (here in the southern hemisphere…) or Summer for all you northerners.