Monthly Review: October 2014


This is the third monthly review report. The other existing reports of this nature are:

  1. August Monthly Review
  2. September Monthly Review

October Key Statistics
Statistic # % increase
Visitors 1505 470%
Views 1829 357%
Views/Visitor 1.22 -20%
Average Views/Day 59 354%

The statistics of XBOP experienced a phenomenal hike on Friday 17 October as a result of Apple releasing OS X Yosemite. With thousands of people googling “Is ProPresenter compatible with Yosemite?” or an equivalent search string, since Friday 17, the statistics have taken us into a whole new range. As the Views/Visitor statistic indicates, a vast majority of visitors, after being presented with my article on ProPresenter + Yosemite = ? have since moved on and are not returning.

The October month has set three new records – # visitors, # views and # views/day. The number of posts/pages of new content was affected because of a number of changes that I had to endure during the month. Life has been somewhat busier of late due to the change of Telstra work engagement. As a result a number of things changed for me over the last few weeks – ongoing content development for XBOP being one of the casualties.

October has seen a few key events come and go, each of which I do intend to document and the topics/events remain on my list of content to write up:

  • Church Unite
  • Apple’s Product Announcements – iPads & iMacs
  • Cell Group Retreat to Marysville
  • 89.9 LightFM

The migration of my Europe 2009 travel blog continues at a slightly slower pace than initially planned, but the change in approach will produce a better end-result, whereby each article conforms to the XBOP standard, with featured image and where practical, supported by new photo albums.

With Christmas approaching, one project that I will need to prepare for during November is my ambition to create an online Christmas decoration showcase. A year ago for 2013, I attempted this in a very informal way, but the intention is to execute this properly. If I can get this working as I envisage, this project may also generate some holiday traffic for XBOP.