XBOP operates as the business brand of NICLEE.COM.AU, providing business opportunities and services which fuse together technology (typically Apple). Services and expertise cover the following areas, which all fall under the Business pillar of XBOP – see below.

  1. Technology consulting & advisory services
  2. IT support, training & procurement (Macs, PCs, smart phones & tablets)
  3. Event Management & Production services
  4. Online/social media advisory services

All personal/blogging topics, previously found here at XBOP, relating to church, faith, worship, holidays, travel and topics relating to design & Lego have all been migrated to NICLEE.COM.AU.

XBOP: Background Behind a Name

So, what’s in a name? Well, whilst the four letters — X B O P — weren’t coined as an acronym, there is meaning and association behind each individual letter, as well as the whole word:

X. Think of the ‘X’ in XBOP like the word ‘Christmas’, which can similarly be abbreviated to ‘XMAS’. In that context, X is very intentional — a subtle acknowledgement to an identity in Christ. So, XBOP has a Christian flavour infused throughout. A key acknowledgement here goes to my home church, Clayton Church of Christ.

B. Business. By day, I am a Business Analyst Consultant. Work from Monday’s to Friday’s, 9-5, is associated with Terra Firma, which has been my employer since 2005; and the main client I have now spent over half that time with, Telstra. Business is also infused into the MBA studies I have undertaken on a part-time basis from 2010-2013 at Melbourne Business School.

O. Opinionated. The following list demonstrates the diversity of topics and interests:

  1. Christian songwriting & worship
  2. Christian apologetics
  3. Customer experience & design (Apple & Lego)
  4. Public transport (redesigning and fixing Melbourne)
  5. Technology, social media & networking
  6. Food: eating (Japanese in particular) & cooking
  7. Science fiction (Star Wars, Star Trek, superheroes)
  8. Education/teaching/training — professional services / MBA-related

Over the years, you will see me cover these topics. The first major series of content focused on public transport, followed by a continuous coverage of Apple & technology. As a blog with (since 2015) a thrice-a-week publishing cycle, the use of themes for writing a series of articles has provided better holistic structure and alignment to this strategic pillar.

P. Personal. At the end of the day, XBOP has largely evolved into an online blog reflecting my personal opinions. The motivation behind me writing and creating content is not driven by a desire to please anyone other than myself. Since 2015, a number of writings – like Memory Verses – have been intentional on my part to help discipline myself and introduce greater efforts of my Christian walk and journaling. Daily devotionals which align with the Clayton Church preaching have driven the content of XBOP since 2016, as reflected in the 40 Days of Community and more current Value Based Discipleship series.


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