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This fourth grouping is in fact one of the first ever creative outlets that I developed. Whilst my talents are not strictly graphic design-focused, and I don’t claim that kind of creative competence, print media and publications have played a recurring role throughout the years. In Year 12, I received the SW Boothey Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the School Magazine — I had achieved this in the role of sub-editor for the 1999 School Magazine.

Through various church camp organisation committee memberships, I was instrumental in publishing the twice-yearly camp booklet ‘Souvenirs’ over a four-year period. Furthermore, I contributed towards the inaugural edition of the ‘ASEAN Club Magazine’ at Monash University.

Even more recently (2012-2013), I served in a volunteer capacity for the Telstra Wireless & Enabler Solutions Social Club in developing their event marketing collateral. Over the years, event management has included a publication component, whether it has been to fulfilment promotional collateral (posters) or actual event materials such as programs, magazines, etc…

The following list represents a catalogue/folio of all print-related publications.

  1. Church Camp Booklets
    1. FOCUS Easter Camp 2000
    2. FOCUS Discipleship Camp 2000
    3. FOCUS Easter Camp 2001
    4. FOCUS Discipleship Camp 2001
    5. FOCUS Easter Camp 2002

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