Commercial Opportunities

As a business, XBOP currently works with individual and small-business clients with technology advisory services. As part of its current advocacy of Apple technology and/or products, XBOP is in the process of determining how official accreditation/recognition by Apple can enhance the reputation and quality of this service offering.

Membership of the Apple Consultants Network is one possible outcome, and the variety of services under consideration include training, support and a general focus on the ‘New to Apple’ category of service offerings. The majority of XBOP clients are small business owners and individuals with personal computing needs.

Staff, regular attenders and members of Clayton Church of Christ who use Apple products are a special user-group that XBOP supports. Whilst XBOP has a strong preference for Apple products, this does not get in the way of performing unbiased and neutral technology reviews and recommendations, ensuring the best outcomes.

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