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At Clayton Church of Christ, we are privileged to have a brand new building constructed from the foundation up. We were equally blessed to be able to draw upon the services of congregation members who work professionally as sound engineers and audio/video installation experts. These articles are very much a case study for Mozaix, the AV integration specialist business, which deployed all AV infrastructure throughout the building.

Since this material was first written up in August 2013, throughout 2013-2014, various updates have been made, including a major restructuring so that it is clearly provided in separate articles, each with a specific focus. As of July 2014, I have had a slight re-think of the overarching title and theme – whereas it has previously been called Church Worship Technology, this series of content is now more appropriately called Church & Technology, and moved to the X-Factor section. This change reflects the expanded scope covered by Communications Infrastructure as well as allowing for Church Management Software and Review: CCB.

This info-graphic published by Tyndale is an invaluable resource to consider as part of the topic – church & technology. You can read the original article that the PDF accompanies here: Church and Technology.

As of 2016-2017, a few new developments have enabled an expansion to content provided here.

  1. Audio Infrastructure, published 5 August 2013
  2. Video Infrastructure, 5 August 2013
  3. Lighting Infrastructure, 5 August 2013
  4. Communication Infrastructure, 5 July 2014
  5. Church Presentation Software, 5 August 2013
  6. Church Management Software, 28 July 2014
  7. Review: Easy Worship
  8. Review: ProPresenter
  9. Review: Planning Center Online (PCO)
  10. Review: Church Community Builder (CCB), 5 July 2014
  11. G Suite (Formerly Google Apps), 8 March 2017
  12. IT Helpdesk, X March 2017

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