Architectural Layouts

As a young adult, one of the things I used to do as a form of procrastination and to avoid homework was to draw on sheets of graph paper, designs and layouts for buildings. One of the interesting things about this hobby was that the designs that I mapped out on paper then allowed me to visualise and imagine what each of those buildings would look like in real life. Over the years, I have kept these designs and only half-heartedly explored how I could have some of the designs converted into proper computer-assisted design (CAD) artefacts.

In part, this is the true beginnings behind the Design section of XBOP and predate the background explanation/thoughts. The collection of building designs are simply floor layouts. They are somewhat crude, but then again, the designs were developed by a teenager with no professional knowledge or even an intent that I would now, years later, contemplate sharing them online for the world to see! One residential home layout remains my favourite, and if the 2012/13 construction of my neighbour’s home is any indication, my designs would cost half a million to realise!

My church (Clayton Church of Christ) has pursued two major building programs — the first, an extension to the then main building in 1991, followed by a total site demolition with complete rebuild and construction effort in 2011-2012. The more recent work was the culmination of a journey where thoughts had been circulating amongst the congregation and leadership to revamp the site. It was through of these years of ideation that I developed my own ideas on how a new/modified church building could have been designed. In part, my designs leveraged the other main auditorium experience from my years of secondary schooling at Haileybury College and the facilities of the Great Hall (later renamed Aikman Hall), with its theatre-sized stage and orchestra pit.

As I scan and upload each layout, they will be added to the following list.

  1. Residential Design Folio
  2. Church Building Design Folio

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