With All I’ve Got

This was one of the first songs I ever wrote. When constructing the verse, I had been listening to Hillsong United Live and PlanetShakers. The song Big, from the PlanetShakers album Rain Down was particularly influential on what I had originally in mind for how this song would sound. Since this original design/thought, the song has evolved away from a hard pop-rock feel to a more contemporary-pop style.

[Note: in transferring this song onto the XBOP website, I have made further refinements… ]

Verse 1

Jesus, I love You
I love You with all of my heart
I will praise You
Praise Your name forever
Praise You with all I’ve got


‘Cos there is this feeling
Deep inside of me
It’s calling, it’s searching
It just wants to be free


With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my strength
With all I’ve got!

I will sing out to You
Worship and praise
For now and always
With all that I am, and all I’ve got

Verse 2

Jesus, I thank You
I thank You from the bottom of my heart
I will worship You
Worship Your name forever
Worship You with all I’ve got

With All I’ve Got, Nic Lee, © XBOP 2004.

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