XBOP Refreshed for 2016

As part of refreshing XBOP for 2016, I think a number of disclaimers are required. This article is partly a review and  reflection of my About page, which has been revised 8 times, including the most recent times 3 years and Continue ReadingXBOP Refreshed for 2016

Burke Rd Level Crossing Gone!

These photos were taken this morning on the way to work. Knowing that the road and trams were operating again, I just had to take advantage of the brilliant sunrise to capture these photos showing the results from the last fortnight Continue ReadingBurke Rd Level Crossing Gone!

Changing Melbourne Transport #2: Syndal Station Car Park

2015 has seen a renewed focus and investment by the State Government in public transport infrastructure. The Glen Waverley railway line has seen two projects, one of which, as at January 2016, remains work-in-progress in the Burke Rd/Gardiner level crossing removal. Continue ReadingChanging Melbourne Transport #2: Syndal Station Car Park

Changing Melbourne Transport #1: Burke Rd Level Crossing

It is interesting to follow the various developments that have transpired in recent years in the area of public transportation. The above image helps to summarise the overall plan for removing level crossings across metropolitan Melbourne, and is sourced from the Victorian Continue ReadingChanging Melbourne Transport #1: Burke Rd Level Crossing