New Threadless Design: Woe Unto You

This new Threadless design complements Devotional Day # 29, which is part of the Clayton Church Value-Based Discipleship series, which was launched on Sunday 23 July 2017. View the series index here.

This design was selected because, given the passage prescribed, the phrase “woe unto you” is a fairly accurate description and theme which permeates Luke 11-12. Creative inspiration differs in the development and design of the Threadless source versus the Featured Slide image for but the elements remains consistent:

  • Woe:
    • Algerian font
    • 130-point size
    • white fill color
    • transparent background
  • Unto You
    • Britannic Bold font
    • 130-point size
    • black fill color
    • white background
  • Background image
    • Lit LED magic
    • cropped to fit portrait dimensioning
    • 25-point soft edge picture effect

The following picture provides an example men’s¬†classic t-shirt product design: