Light Melbourne/FM


89.9 Light FM is Melbourne’s Christian community radio station focused on making a difference. As they always like to say, it is a family community that, as of 2016, has approximately a quarter of a million listeners/supporters.Since 2014 I have become a regular listener of the station, although the exact starting point is extremely hard to pinpoint. Being a regular listener can be considered a basic form of commitment to the social enterprise which does not translate or mean that I am any different to the hundreds of thousands of listeners. Within the Light FM family I count myself as an EML – an early morning listener – I listen to the Lucy and Kel breakfast show when I drive into work. For that matter, in 2015, I have found that being able to listen to Light FM encourages me to drive to and from work more. When I take the train, I lose the ability to just tune into the station. When I first got my car in mid 2014, I added Light FM as my first station but then utilised the Bluetooth/USB connection to my iPhone as the primary source of my music entertainment. By the end of 2014 I had changed my behaviour and music listening patterns such that my car is permanently connected to the 89.9 FM frequency!

Light FM run two Your Voice Appeal telephone fundraising week-long events during the year and since 2015, I have contributed to each appeal. In the first 2015 appeal, I was one of the EML donations that got a do-lamination, a Lucy & Kel invention – donation slip laminated and autographed by Lucy. Lucy drew pictures for us donors and you can see mine on the bottom left next to Mark’s massive donation in the following photo, sourced from the Light FM Facebook collection.


  • Clayton Church was a church partner in the early years of Light FM
  • Since 2014 I became a LightPartner
  • The 2015 campaign between Light FM and Operation Christmas Child to introduce Shoebox Sunday was a brilliant win-win marketing effort; I helped Clayton Church to register as a collection point which was utilised by 2-3 churches in the area.
  • As of 2016, am considering become a Light Melbourne member…