Christmas / New Year #2: Highlights from 2014

For this second post within my Christmas / New Year mini-series, the focus shifts to highlights from 2014. The prompt for this began on WhatsApp, where a group chat discussion topic was initiated by a friend on sharing of highlights from 2014. Continue ReadingChristmas / New Year #2: Highlights from 2014

Business Because Interview

This breaking news deserves immediate publication, in addition to my recent routine of posting/publishing on Mondays and Thursdays. Today the results of a recent interview by online reporter Seb Murray have appeared in Business Because. The story is titled Why MBA: Continue ReadingBusiness Because Interview

Church Worship Technology – restructured content

In fleshing out more details of the church worship technology page, the material has been split into: 1. Audio infrastructure 2. Video infrastructure 3. Lighting infrastructure 4. Church presentation software The last 2 articles are brand new content. Collectively these Continue ReadingChurch Worship Technology – restructured content