Work work work

Apologies for the absence from posting here. Over the last 2-3 weeks my day work has taken over… Let me explain briefly – my role changed to coordinating the mammoth effort of business case costs, not just for my project, but also the regulatory project which co-exists alongside mine to form one big program.

In the last 3 weeks, a few of us have greatly increased our productively levels. For me, that means not only have I worked my standard 9-10 hours during the day in the office, but most weeknights I have also worked another 3-4 hours. Further, I have also had to spend 4-8 hours over the weekend to help take care of emails and get things done.

Last week our efforts were book-ended by briefings to senior management. We were tasked with the challenge of reducing our costs by 25% which for us is millions of dollars. Whilst it has been a team effort imaging trying to work with 30+ people in matter of days to achieve a cost savings… The long work hours and stress is not over yet even – this week will require us to achieve what normally takes 3-4 weeks.

When I say I am relieved that MBA studies are over, that is truly an understatement. If I were still studying that effort would have to be temporarily put on hold whilst this work goes through. When you look at my day, I rise early (struggling with change to daylight savings time) at 6am, I’m in the office by 7:30am. An undesirable trend emerged last week whereby each day I left later and later… 6pm seems to have been the earliest… Last Friday was an exception whereby I stayed back to complete 25 Christmas boxes as part of the Good Samaritan Christmas Child Operation.

So, to all people I work with, go for morning coffees with, etc… Please accept my apologies for the past weeks and next period while we proceed through business case. To readers of this website, similarly I will have to delay write ups on new content, including paintball and Hillsong’s latest album Glorious Ruins.