Church Worship Technology – restructured content

In fleshing out more details of the church worship technology page, the material has been split into:
1. Audio infrastructure
2. Video infrastructure
3. Lighting infrastructure
4. Church presentation software

The last 2 articles are brand new content. Collectively these pages should be of interest to all those enthusiasts and like-minded volunteers who get involved with their own church worship ministries.

So yesterday (since its now technically Tuesday) was the beginning of the end! Product Management as a subject seems to be similar in structure to Channels given the framework and content. The cases read for tomorrow included Marvel!!! Yes – that’s right – Marvel Comics! 🙂

I also managed to drop by work before & after uni, had a quick catch-up with my new Telstra manager, and just 30min ago – hopefully finalized the Terra Firma Social Club Newsletter August edition… Busy? You bet!

Signing out for now!