Step 1 – ProPresenter, Step 2 – Planning Center Online

Last Sunday (now one week ago) we ran our first service via Mac with ProPresenter! It ran quite smoothly with the only hiccup manifesting in the changed look & feel of the sermon slides… Which was more a user problem – I had incorrectly imported the slides using the wrong setting and given I was also singing and the slides came through 10min before service start, we didn’t test/check them properly. Some minor feedback for adjusting the stage display was also expected as we fine time now.

Today, I look forward to kicking off Step 2 which is to integrate with the basic/free account of Planning Center Online (limited to 10 people/single service type). It frees up Sunday morning time by allowing the planners to have songs all ready, announcements submitted – all during the week.

Today being the first Sunday of August also leads us into the monthly theme of Missions Focus. So, ProPresenter will have a good workout in the next fortnight!

Interestingly, I have managed to get ProPresenter 5 running on our WinXP lighting PC even though it’s not supported. At least it can run our announcement slides in the foyer/cafe…

This has been another church worship tech focused post! Stay tuned for posts wrapping up my MBA (last week of classes here we come!)