Church Worship Technology — a new Mac era…

Today my church took the first official step to migrate to our third multimedia presentation software package — ProPresenter. This process will also allow us to equivocally state that the church corporate experience of a worship service will be predominantly Apple Mac-based. The congregation may notice a slight change next Sunday in that all the projection of multimedia during worship is consistent. Playback of video announcements (assuming one will be prepared for next Sunday) should also run smoothly.

With this first small step, a larger, more subtle migration from PC to Mac will be underway within the church environment. Whilst a small teething issue exists with the license enabling use of the multi-screen module, the aim is to resolve it in time for Sunday, 28 July. After some four months, the iMac will finally be used for a Sunday service — as intended — without bootcamp/Windows!

I have also spent a good hour finishing off the incomplete article on Church Worship Technology, which also reflects the latest developments.