iBook Authorship!

Today has been a long day, spanning activities like fruit shopping at the supermarket (for the office kitchen) at 7 am, an early morning meeting at 8 am, plus a Uni class in the evening.

It is the final activity of this evening which prompts this short post. In updating my Macbook software, I finally bit the bullet and installed (for free) the iBook Author app. Not only did I do this, but I also converted a chapter of my Dad’s English textbook into the iBook layout!

To explain — years ago, possibly before my time, my Dad wrote an English textbook which exists as a typewritten manuscript. Over the years, I have copied it out in handwritten format, and later typed it out (partially) in Microsoft Word. We’ll see how long it takes to get the entire book converted electronically and also if this is a project I can convince my Dad to help type it up in Word so I can copy, paste and focus on layout formatting as an iBook!

So for this evening, I would log one hour for this project… No doubt the first of many!