An AirPlay enabled future (AppleTVs)

The latest additions to XBOP as of today are two articles on the product experience of  Apple Macs and also my thoughts of an AirPlay/AppleTV future. I think there is a certain degree of underestimation of Apple and core technologies like AirPlay. Two observations to support this growing trend:

  1. I know someone who purchased two AppleTV devices so that both TVs in the home could be extended with the content services. This was even before a recent move from PC to Macbook Pro. It was only as part of the conversion process that I offered the advice and demonstrated the ability for Macs to connect via AirPlay for multiple screen purposes.
  2. I know of two homes recently built where both owners have independently chosen the same Pioneer home theatre package which includes AirPlay technology as an input channel. Both homes have in-built speakers with zoning capability – plus a supporting iOS App to control zoning.
  3. In one of the homes mentioned in (2), the interim need to physically reconnect the single AppleTV device to the various TVs will undoubtedly lead to the purchase of 2-3 additional devices!

If this encourages/prompts anyone to go out and buy an AppleTV, I would love to hear stories via comments! Thanks.