Testimony Update / Channels of Distribution

So, I’ve updated my testimony based on the editing work done by my cousin and her business — Christine’s Edits.

Just this week, I have commenced the second last course of my MBA program at Melbourne Business School — Channels of Distribution. I find the topic extremely interesting and relevant — one of the key learning takeaways from the initial classes (evenings, twice a week) has been that our focus is on the inter-relationships in the value chain — between retailer and consumers, retailers and their suppliers, etc… This can be generalised to human relationships and how ultimately, it is those relationships that underpin our success in work.

It remains my ambition to update content at least once a week, here at XBOP; as a result of using WordPress, my website has developed a more blog-like feel, which I guess does the job, although I am mindful of how the brand develops over time…

To family, friends and viewers from the US — Happy Fourth of July for Thursday!