With All I’ve Got – Song Lyrics added!

This post is a little unexpected… but here goes!

I’ve bitten the bullet and have now got the lyrics from the first song I wrote back in 2006 added to XBOP! Now, the title may sound a little funny, but it is unique (based on a quick test of Google) – With All I’ve Got.

Additions have also been made to the parent Creative Music page, including a new landing page for the “album”/collection of songs first written 2004-2006, which was aptly named God’s Experiment.


Today in Product Management class, it occurred to me that Apple was a regularly discussed topic – I merely contributed the Steve Job’s quote on cannibalisation – and how if it were to take place, it would be best if you (the company) were in control and cannibalising your own product… We also discussed Marvel (Entertainment) as a case study in the morning – which is now a sibling brand to Star Wars under the massive umbrella of Disney along with… the Muppets (did you see that coming?)

As always, any comments/feedback are most welcome! Thanks.