Monthly Review: May 2015


This is the fifth monthly review for 2015. Other reports for 2015 available:

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  3. March
  4. April

May Key Statistics
Statistic # %
Visitors 484 -8%
Views 751 5%
Views/Visitor 1.55 14%
Average Views/Day 24.2 2%

Based on the statistics reported above, the month of May is an interesting journey for XBOP. It began slowly with my two week holiday, and it was only in the last two weeks that I began returning to a state of normalcy. Actions taken over the last weekend just ended have also influenced the statistics to the extent that at a first glance, the month appears quite normal in terms of visitor traffic and even in the calculated average views per day.

A different story emerges when a deeper analysis at a weekly and daily level is performed. Other than a decrease in the number of visitors, all other metrics are on the increase. Six articles were posted in the span of the final week of May and the latest – Apple Watch Product Review – has kicked a goal with 54 views over a 24-hour period. For the last week, the average views per visitor increased to 1.98 and a visible increase in visitors is also noticeable. One of the factors influencing this impact is undoubtedly the new analytical and card features of Twitter that I have started to explore over the weekend. Combined with a more effective use and engagement of social media tools like Klout, this increased awareness of XBOP may be paying off in these first signs of activity.

As an acknowledgement of the amount of new content (140 new posts/pages in the last 12 months), the new Featured Content slide on the home page will showcase selected articles/writing serials. Whilst the regularity and consistent output of articles within a thematic writing serial has been good for disciplining my blogging activity, the monotonous routine has also had a negative impact on my writing creativity and motivation. To find the right balance, the latest content schedule has been tweaked to introduce a fortnightly alternating cycle. This cycle will help me pursue multiple topics simultaneously. The one exception to this fortnightly schedule is the remaining 5/6 articles in the Thursday/Friday Memory Verses series, which will remain a weekly constant.

As part of writing the Apple Watch product review, I took the opportunity to refresh the following pages: