Monthly Review: December 2016


October Key Statistics
Statistic # % yoy % 3ma 3ma%
Visitors 1221 52% 335% 963.0 28%
Views 2148 77% 495% 1600.3 30%
Views/Visitor 1.76 16% 37% 1.6 0%
Average Views/Day 74.1 0% 474% 1.7 -1%

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Analytical Summary

December marks a remarkable end to 2016 with numerous records attributed to it:

  • Visitor-related
    • Record number of visitors for 2016 (1221 versus 866 set in October)
    • Achieved 19000 overall visitor milestone (19441 accumulated visitors)
    • Achieved 7500 visitors for 2016 (7798 versus 6301 for 2015)
    • Second best monthly increase (52%) for 2016 (record remains with January with 129%)
    • Best year-on-year growth for 2016 (third best ever, with 335% increase)
    • Fourth-highest three-month-average (963.0 versus 753.3 set the previous month) – demonstrating sustained growth for the year end.
    • Highest monthly number of visitors since November 2014
  • View-related
    • Record number of views for 2016/all time (2148 versus 1440 set in October for 2016 record or 1829 set in October 2014 for all time)
    • Achieved 29000 overall view milestone (29364 accumulated views)
    • Achieved 12000 view milestone for 2016 (12813 versus 9146 for 2015)
    • Second-best monthly increase (77%) for 2016 (record remains with January with 234%)
    • Best year-on-year growth for 2016 (495% compared to next best 197% set in November)
    • Record three-month-average (1600.3 versus 1534.3 set in December 2014)
    • Second-best there-month-average increase for 2016 (30% versus 53% set in January)

As seen from these records, December 2016 ends the whole year of 2016 on a clear high. In setting these records, December 2016 becomes the record month for all-time views, and the first to exceed 2000 for any month! The following graphs show the accumulative visitors and views over the years.

Accumulative Visitors 


Accumulative Views


December highlights

Dec-activityDecember posting activity and highlights have not been as regular or frequent as ideally liked. However, the posts have each attracted attention across the spectrum. Beginning with my own write-up to support Melbourne Business School‘s latest ranking achievement, the first of my Chadstone reviews exploring the Opening Day and general new expanded shopping centre has been added to XBOP. Three articles associated with Christmas have explored stories plus two on song lyrics and carols. My participation with a new Timothy Group ensures a new source of content to be shared here and finally, the made reason for the latest audience growth, is my article on Star Wars continuity as a result of watching Rogue One.

2016 Review

As shown in the graph above, 2016 has been a full year of growth. Whilst the later half was quieter in terms of content and XBOP posting activity, each month has nonetheless seen new content published, with greater consistency than 2015.

Unfortunately the WordPress/Jetpack Annual Report feature does not seem available for 2016. Hopefully this is just a timing thing and within the next day or so the link/feature will become available.

Thanks to all my regular viewers/visitors, plus welcome to all the newcomers to XBOP. May 2016 have been a great year for you each and 2017 brings even more fun and love. Happy New Year!