DBS Bible Verse Sets

The following sets or collections of bible verses are grouped accordingly because they enable small groups to work through them sequentially, and via the DBS inductive approach, form a pure theology and understanding of Scripture. Over time, this entire collection of passages may be used to drive Four-Column Studies, as was first taught and practiced in the Timothy Discipleship Group.

God’s Story: Creation to Christ

This set is designed to complement any group that meets fortnightly, such that within a year (26 fortnights) new believers have been provided the essence of the Bible, incorporating the Old Testament with great focus on the redemptive life and purpose of Jesus’ ministry.

# Passage Theme Topic
1 Genesis 1:1-2:3 The Creation Story God Created the World
2 Genesis 2:4-25 The Creation Story The Creation of Man
3 Genesis 3:1-13 The Fall The First Sin & Judgment
4 Genesis 3:14-24 The Fall Judgment of a Sinful World
5 Genesis 6:1-9:17 The Fall The Flood
6 Genesis 12:1-8 & 15:1-6 Redemption God’s Promise to Abram
7 Genesis 22:1-19 Redemption Abraham offers Isaac as a Sacrifice
8 Exodus 12:1-28 Redemption The Promise of Passover
9 Exodus 20:1-21 Redemption The Ten Commandments
10 Leviticus 4:1-35 Redemption The Sacrificial System
11 Isaiah 53 Redemption Isaiah Foreshadows the Coming Promise
12 Luke 1:26-38 & 2:1-20 Redemption The Birth of Jesus
13 Matthew 3 & John 1:29-34 Redemption Jesus is Baptized
14 Matthew 4:1-11 Redemption The Temptation of Christ
15 John 3:1-21 Redemption Jesus & Nicodemus
16 John 4:1-26 & 39-42 Redemption Jesus & the Woman at the Well
17 Luke 5:17-26 Redemption Jesus Forgives and Heals
18 Mark 4:35-41 Redemption Jesus Calms the Storm
19 Mark 5:1-20 Redemption Jesus Casts Out Evil Spirits
20 John 11:1-44 Redemption Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
21 Matthew 26:26-30 Redemption The First Lord’s Supper
22 John 18:1-19:16 Redemption Jesus is Betrayed & Condemned
23 Luke 23:32-56 Redemption Jesus is Crucified
24 Luke 24:1-35 Redemption Jesus Conquers Death
25 Luke 24:36-53 Redemption Jesus Appears and Ascends
26 John 3:1-21 Redemption We Have a Choice

Rebooting Discipleship in Small Groups

This set is designed to help train existing small groups who may have been used to a more deductive approach to bible study and learning. In this context, this study set can serve as an introduction and practice prior to launching into the full 26 passages of God’s Story above. With a strong thematic focus of Jesus’ ministry and purpose to bring the Gospel and teach about the Kingdom of God, this set is also good for introducing believers to the People Map/Daisy Chain tool-kit.

# Passage Topic
1 Mark 1:14-20 Start of Jesus' Ministry
2 Luke 11:1-13 The Lord's Prayer
3 Mark 5:1-20 Jesus Heals a Man Possessed by Demon
4 Matthew 18:21-35 Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
5 Acts 8:26-40 Peter's Sermon at Pentecost
6 Matthew 4:1-11 The Temptation of Christ
7 Acts 2:41-47 The Fellowship of the Believers

Rebooting Evangelism & Discipleship in Small Group Leaders

This set adds specific focus on Jesus’ ministry and the Great Commission. In this way, a clear teaching and application should be induced with the need for integrating evangelism and discipleship into our everyday life. Ministry teams are an ideal candidate for this set of bible studies.

# Passage Topic
1 Matthew 28:16-20 The Great Commission
2 Luke 5:1-11 Jesus Calls the First Disciples
3 Mark 1:14-20 Start of Jesus' Ministry
4 Luke 10:1-12 Jesus Sends Out the 72
5 John 4:1-43 Jesus and the Woman of Samaria

Jesus Tasters

This set of bible verses introduces new believers to the life and ministry of Jesus. These verses can be complemented by any of the other verses on this page which are Jesus stories.

# Passage Topic
1 John 8:1-10 Jesus Forgives Woman Caught In Adultery
2 Mark 4:35-41 Jesus Calms the Storm
3 Mark 5:1-20 Jesus Casts Out Evil Spirits
4 Luke 5:17-26 Jesus Forgives and Heals

Gospel Stories of Hope

These are seven stories selected and compiled from the Gospels which collectively inspire us and offer hope.

# Passage Topic
1 Luke 7:36-50 Jesus forgives the prostitute
2 Luke 18:9-17 Pharisee & the Tax Collector
3 Acts 17:16-34 Sovereign Creator God the Judge
4 Matthew 16:21-17:9 Jesus’ transfiguration & Gospel plan
5 Luke 22:66-23:25 & 23:32-43 Jesus’ death on the cross
6 Luke 18:18-30 &19:1-10 Cost of following Jesus
7 Matthew 18:21-35 The merciful King

Jesus’ Seven Signs & Miracles

# Passage Topic
1 John 2:1-11 Turning water into wine in Cana
2 John 4:46-54 Healing an official’s son in Capernaum
3 John 5:1-18 Healing an invalid at the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem
4 John 6:5-14 Feeding the 5000 near the Sea of Galilee
5 John 6:16-21 Walking on the water of the Sea of Galilee
6 John 9:1-7 Healing a blind man in Jerusalem
7 John 11:1-45 Raising dead Lazarus in Bethany