Threadless Shop Updates

An XBOP artist shop first began back in early 2016, after a number of t-shirt designs caught my eye. Throughout 2017, a few experimental designs for specific causes have been generated. This post aims to help develop this idea of creativity and design, providing the first formal link between this parent XBOP website channel and the Threadless artist shop branch.

The following designs are the current collection available from the XBOP Threadless Artist Shop.

This design is pat of a collection which follows a theme of reusing the same background/ fill image. The placement and nature of the symbol characters (exclamation mark in this case) helps to create the visual look where the road ahead fits within the bottom dot of the character whilst the sky blue horizon fills the top portion of the mark.

Did you know that the exclamation mark transcends the English language, and also features in other languages such as French, German, Cantonese, Greek, Spanish and Turkish. Even in the world of technology, the exclamation mark has special significance. In mathematical contexts, coupled with formulae and numbers, it means “not”:

A != B

A does not equal B.

As with all character/designs within this collection, a black border/outline is utilised to help create a border effect between the transparent background.

The question mark has a possible historical explanation in that the symbol may have first started with the Latin quaestiō (that is, qvaestio), which translates to “question”. During the Middle Ages quaestiō was abbreviated to qo. The lowercase q was written above the lowercase o, and this mark was transformed into the modern symbol.

A slight evolution in the design saw the shift from full black border/shape outline to a right-side shadow effect employed instead. Partly, this effect helped to improve the overall design more than the original design, which I decided would remain unchanged for now.

The third symbol to be added to this collection is the ampersand, which is a short-hand symbol representing “and”. In this version of the design, the amount of space that is filled in by the image design allows for a greater viewing of the entire image, which in reality is a multi-seasonal design, where the road separates summer from winter.

The same partial outline effect remains unchanged from the question mark design.

Collectively, these three designs are the first of my Threadless Artist Shop collection. The previous designs were experiments done for Clayton Church.

One of the key concerns which constraints my temptation to simply generate many many more designs for my Threadless shop is intellectual property and the rights behind the graphical assets. Partly, I acknowledge that my creative spirit and artistic ability is not a strength of mine, although I have some basic ability.

At my Threadless Artist Shop, all these designs are widely available across all the different product categories and offerings – homeware, as phone cases, tote bags, beach towels, mugs, as well as the standard apparel/clothing options for men, women and children: tshirts, pants and hoodies.

Naturally, my logo, the Chi-rho symbol will become available in due course, given its prominence and significance to my brand – XBOP.


  1. […] Clayton Church launched the Value Based Discipleship campaign on Sunday 23 July 2017, to delve into the five values which our church vision encapsulates – simplified into the acronym GRACE. As part of the Devotion activity, this index posting has been developed to list out all daily posts as one continuous series. All designs form part of the Discipleship Devotionals collection of my Threadless Artist Shop. […]