Social Causes – Update

causesRecently at Clayton Church, a major theme has been discipleship. It’s not just a theme for a season, but it’s becoming part of our DNA. Indeed, This is Who We Are has been our most recent series of sermons being preached. In recent times, I have personally come to the realisation that who I am in Christ and how I serve God in the various areas of ministry that He has called me to all align to this same discipleship model. 

The model of discipleship that has been preached at Clayton is UP, IN and OUT:

  1. UP represents our connection to the head; God; Jesus; Holy Spirit; the Word. Listening and hearing God speak in our daily devotion, dedicating ourselves regularly to meditation, encountering God and being filled with the Holy Spirit.
  2. IN represents how we apply God’s Word, having heard Him we then need to obey His commands within the context of cell group/church/the Kingdom of believers.
  3. OUT is the evangelistic calling, looking beyond just the community of believers, but to those who do not yet know God and are experiencing heaven on earth.

In this way, the blog/posts of XBOP are my way of sharing parts of my experience across UP and IN. To complete and achieve the full balance of discipleship, I have extended the X-Factor pages to include more details on the social causes that I participate in.

For this next month, XBOP will host the Gatsby Ball Charity Auction whilst the strategic website for Christians 20/30 continues to be developed behind the scenes.