it’s a small world after all…

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So much has been happening… family weddings to attend… family visitors to host…

Here are two unexpected but pleasant meetings to blog on… (I’ll try my best to keep it short n’ simple)

1. Wedding Reception Dinner: @ Fenix, Richmond

Distant cousin (related via marriage) was the Groom. He’s an anaesthetist… At first glance at the family names you might think I was related to the bride, but I’m not! The bride is a… radiologist! That family is growing in health practitioners… [My last blog entry was on the groom’s sister’s party… she’s a pharmacist; her husband-to-be is a pediatrician!]

Anyway… I was on a table with the best man, a blood-cousin, plus some former COCFC ppl… The Lian brothers, and another old boy of the Church… Come to think of it… Four of us guys can call ourselves Old Haileyburians! hehe…

The small world thing I’m trying to get to is on the other side of the room… It turns out my former orthodontist was at the party! I was helping to take photos while the pharmacist sister played MC for the night. I felt kinda caught out meeting my former orthodontist, because I was really pathetic with attending the final few appointments of my treatment…

2. Meeting visiting Aunt’s friends

Last night, after dinner, I drove my visiting Aunt & Uncle to meet up with her former church friend.
A quick bit of background info… my aunt = mum’s sister; uncle = her husband (duh…); visiting from KL, where they attend PJEFC (PJ Evangelical Free Church… if I got it right)
So, got to this place in Vermont South.
Met the family – parents, a grandmother, a son (my age group) and daughter.
So we’re all talking… we’re all Christians… the son serves at City Life as a leader for the Youth, plus also song writing… turns out we share some mutual friends… the most obvious one is Dan Lian… and then there’s Ange! And finally, another guy whose family used to attend COCFC ~10 years ago…

So… it’s a small world after all! it’s a small world after all! it’s a small world after all! it’s a small, small world!


A quick little something to debate/comment over – in this week leading up to Easter, I discovered on the Fox FM breakfast show that they are running this Jesus Look-alike competition. I don’t feel comfortable with their whole idea… the hosts Matt & Jo keep saying on air that they are not blaspheming, or saying anything about Jesus… and even claim that they are helping to focus our attention on Jesus as the real reason for celebrating Easter.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this! Nic =)

2014 self: 8 years on, today my conclusion would be that the Fox FM idea is intentionally controversial. I don't think it is blasphemous although we now KNOW via Heaven is For Real & the other girl in 
Europe who paints - what Jesus really looks like!