11 days left of the 2nd dog-leg

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well… it’s fast approaching THAT time of the year again…

And this time, it is MY year… The Year of the Dog… so no need to guess my age!

Considering where my life was at one year ago, there’s so much to be grateful and thankful for! A new job, so many friendships newly formed or existing ones consolidated & strengthen…

2 highlights from the past year (chronological):
1. Work Christmas Function @ Lindenderry, Mornington (Dec)
2. Church Camp @ Philip Island (Feb)

New trend adopted:
MSN blog/chatting (not totally new… a return to the chatting, blog NEW)
singing as part of my ministry at church…

Old habits tamed:
hmm… I’m more self-less… I put others first, focus less on myself and more on friends/family

2-3 friends I’ve increased contact with (not counting work or family):
JT, JC & MC (2-3 times a week)
FOCUS, music, church
JT: FOCUS U-group

Things I didn’t get to do/missed out on:
hmm… find my other half???? hehe…

What the?
This year I share THE DAY with 5 other ppl (3 from current work!!!)

Nic =)