Go Australia! Now for some ZZZs

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MOOD: tired but upbeat, if that’s possible!

Well… in the spirit of the World Cup, I decided that I would sleep early last night (Thursday) and get up nice and early to watch the Aus VS Croatia match.

And boy, was it well worth the change in sleeping pattern!

I joined the game at the start of the second half… the more exciting half by FAR!

What did people think about that near near miss that was so close to going over? I reckon the ball may have gone slightly further in (from the reverse angle playback), but the Croatian goalie grabbed it and pulled it slightly back… That’s my take on the near-goal!

And then later on, that hand-on-ball penalty which was missed by the referree…

In both cases, the fair spirit of the game endured – and who really cares now? Australia drew Croatia, securing our place as second in Group F.

So, now our next match will be versus Italy! Can’t wait!

Looking forward now:

Today is going to be a great day! Have an important lunch meet-up with my team leader – so there’s ~1 hour taken away…
Singing tonight @ FOCUS, followed by a U-Group War! Slightly confused by the weekly email which claimed another group to have been the previous winners… I thought my group won the last competition…

Tomorrow (Saturday) will be fun – the big dinner is fast approaching. RSVPs are pretty spot on – my initial estimate/booking is about right. So looking forward to catching up with all my friends. I only wish I could have invited more people/more people could attend… =oP

Sunday is going to be busy as well… singing @ church in the morning in our final BC Band performance – the next time we will be the Temple Band! Attending Gravitate and a birthday lunch…

Live is good! J’adore mon dieu! (FR) Gan-batte! (JP)

(Hoping my camera is in my bag for tonight… plenty of photo opportunities)