The MBA chapter nears conclusion

Just this evening, I submitted my final assessment of my three-year part-time MBA studies. The journey at Melbourne Business School has been a diverse series of experiences, throughout which time, I have remained steadily employed at Terra Firma. Full time client work has waxed and waned over the three years – for the first six months, at SuperPartners, and the remainder until now with Telstra.

So, three years, some $70K expenses (of which 50%+ has been fully paid up-front as FEE-HELP voluntary payments), here I am – on the cusp of attaining:

  • a fourth qualification
  • a third post-graduate qualification
  • a second Masters degree

Not that I will ever do this, but for the record, and I guess if it ever were to be printed, this will be my title:

Nicholas Lee, BBusSys (2002 Monash), MBusSys (2004 Monash), PDMgmt (2012 UniMelb MBS), MBA (2013 UniMelb MBS)

I have never actually attempted to write that all out – and that is quite a mouthful…


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