A Milestone Post, Many More to Come!

NORVAL_MORRISSEAU_BLOG_-_1st_Year_AnniversaryIt’s kinda neat… I’ve been using WordPress to manage my website content for one whole year now! I realised that just after I had posted Defying Gravity. Including this one, I have 42 posts! Now that’s neat number, right? Meaning of life and all…  Further, my website has 50+ pages, so we’re not a baby anymore.

A BIG thank you to ALL visitors and readers who have been visiting XBOP.com.au!

42 posts means 42 distinct thoughts that I have articulated. OK – there was a filler one at #40 where I had just linked off to the Wicked website.

WordPress had the basic challenge for me to post a least once a week. Whilst I haven’t exactly managed to do that, 42 posts / 42 weeks I think is a fairly good achievement, considering I was away for 3 weeks and I have been fairly busy all year round.

Reflecting on the topics I have chosen to blog about, I knew to expect Apple would be a regular source/topic of interest, the amount of Christian/church oriented posts has probably been an unexpected development.

Earlier this year I unwittingly introduced themes into my posts, enabling me to create a mini-series of blog posts that connect. The first was my 7-part record of my Chinese New Year holiday to Singapore/Malaysia. More recently I had a 3-part Easter series, which also got a little bit of attention.

In terms of attention and readership, one of my popular articles written was a quick review of Myki, on 13 June 2013. According to the stats, the topic of ProPresenter has helped two of my pages collectively accumulate 100+ views, which I guess is a small achievement. The interesting thing about these pages is that they seem to have some form of staying power – in that people must be searching periodically for ProPresenter and my pages get some traffic… One observation, when reviewing the statistics out of WordPress/Jetpack is that there seems to be a direct relationship between how active I am at posting content and the views it generates.

The 50+ pages of website content are also the tip of the iceberg, when you consider just how varied my interests are. Unfinished projects exist across the board but given time, I will slowly add more and more flesh to these bones/structures that underpin XBOP. After all, if it took me 10 years to get to this point, and XBOP is not exactly a profit-making enterprise, I’ll consider this a long-term project.

At the end of the day, XBOP is not a website driven by the need for 1000s of visitors. If I focus on quality content and providing interesting thoughts, eventually the numbers will add up. XBOP is a celebration of me and my interests, so I don’t need to apologise for being myself.

Stay tuned for a review of Wicked, which I’ll endeavour to write-up in the next week.