Thank you to all 70+ Birthday Well Wishers

I thank God first and foremost for blessing me with amazing family and friends, locally as well as around the world. A BIG thank you to all my birthday well wishers today. The love has been flowing since the early hours of the morning (when family and loved ones in Malaysia took advantage of the time zone difference…).

A quick analysis of my birthday wishers – the immediate family was more direct and in-person, including close (female) friends via direct WhatsApp messages. The next layer of cell group/church family was also in the closed network that is WhatsApp group chat.

The vast majority of well wishes was via Facebook. I made it a personal effort to ensure a quick acknowledgement to each and every wall post – via a simple LIKE plus a quick message of thanks. Some posts spawned into a short conversation, as appropriate.

A brief recollection of the events of today:

  • The morning activity was centred around a visit to the local car dealership where I was able to turn a potential disappointment into a highly positive outcome, whereby I have secured a BRAND NEW Mazda3 SP25 Hatch, for the same price previously agreed for a demo/used car (originally thought to have only been driven ~10km, which turned out to be 1000+ km).
  • Lunch was on my brother, at Torch, a local Richmond cafe on Swan Street. I enjoyed a medium-sized fettuccine dish. Having a coffee with lunch made me realise I had unconsciously been craving a coffee all morning…
  • A short drive over to Crown Village Gold Class was my treat to my brother to watch X-Men: Future Days Past. I rate it 8.5/10; good acting, character development, fairly realistic action and special effects with a solid plot line. The timing could not be better – since I recently was awarded a $100 gift voucher to Village Gold Class from my efforts at work.

My birthday hasn’t been solely celebrated today either. Last Friday a family dinner was organised at the local suburban pub affectionately known simply as Ross Town in Carnegie. I enjoyed a nice 200g steak with chips and salad. A pleasant evening overall given I had commuted there directly from a long day (and week) at work.

No doubt, there are more occasions to celebration later this week, in particular a joint dinner party planned for this Friday @ the Swiss Club. A big group of us are looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy cheese fondue…

I’ll end this post with a very funny video clip from YouTube titled Happy Birthday from Jesus