Content Updates (Church & Technology)

With over a year’s experience in managing the content of XBOP via WordPress, I have now switched on the subscriber function of WordPress! Within the space of a few days I seem to have gained subscribers! Thank you to my new readers!

As part of updating and creating new pages of content, I have restructured and moved the previous series of pages on Church Worship Technology to the X-Factor section since the series is now titled more appropriately: Church & Technology.

New material under this banner includes:

This expansion of content reflects updates required to the existing material, as well as the journey I have been through in the last six months.

In other news, I have started to listen to 89.9 LightFM again. I find it quite refreshing to listen to Christian radio, after having spent the last few years listening exclusively to songs/albums purchase from the iTunes Store. Nowadays, for the short trips between home and the train station are short opportunities to listen to the radio, which also helps me feel connected to the real-life Christian community in Melbourne. Since this is a recent change of habit, my attention was drawn to one particular story:

A lady from Cockatoo rang up LightFM at 6:30am to share her story of recent hardship, where her husband had fallen on hard times work-wise. The husband is an experienced electrician who had been waiting for a new contract role to commence. He was kept waiting since April/May so now that it was July, the family were getting desperate. On top of this situation, the teenage daughter was also recently diagnosed with an eating disorder. Within the space of a few hours, LightFM were able to motivate listeners to call up and support this family – a number of contacts stepped forward to help the husband with future work, and LightFM were also helping to connect the daughter with the appropriate support groups.

I found this story really encouraging in knowing that Melbourne was full of people ready to step up in faith to support those in need. The blessing of this family during their time of hardship is truly commendable. One of the things that struck me was that people had also rung up to simply offer their prayers and to provide simple love and support of the family – complete strangers – the power of prayer cannot be underestimated. I sensed that just like my church and cell group pursuing the will of God in our lives, so too are 100s if not 1000s of believers who are also encountering God and discerning His purpose.

Happy Fourth of July/Independence Day to all my American friends and family!