LiveJournal Blog: 2005 – 2006 / Apologies to my Subscribers



I am very sorry for the 30+ emails that I have generated today – triggered by the migration of LiveJournal posts to XBOP.

I rediscovered today my previous LiveJournal blog of 38 posts over the period of December 2005 to October 2006. I only realised two thirds of the way through that each post here was triggering an email to individuals who have subscribed – fortunately as my only email account is a recipient, I knew first-hand what my subscribers would have experienced.

As part of posting this article, I can safely say that there are no more blogs to be migrated – and that this email marks the last of this wave of posting here on XBOP – for today. Again, I’m sorry for the wave of emails. As a result of this activity today, I will push out the schedule for my next articles further. It does raise the worthwhile question – which I would appreciate feedback on:

> How frequently should I post articles/content here at XBOP?

One of the websites I recently subscribed to generates emails/posts almost every day. In the last month, I have increased my frequency to 2-3 times a week. Majority of the content I generate is not time-sensitive, so with the odd exception, I am happy to set a “heart-heart” of once a week… Ultimately, it is my subscriber base, who receive the email notifications, that I seek this feedback from. A comment/reply to this post would be most helpful.

As hinted at above, today I have achieved a new milestone here at XBOP – it’s probably not evident here publicly, but the fact is – I now have new content scheduled to be posted at a future point in time! In the past, content generation was a game of catch-up for me, and there were periods of inactivity. Thanks in part to my being sick with a cold, I have spent the time developing new material.

As part of migrating the post entries here, some of the new entries here include my 2014 self comments… revisiting some of the song lyrics that I had posted back then was also uplifting for me. Looking back at the thoughts I had shared and written some eight years ago, and what I was filling my time with, I feel like I’m still doing a lot of the same stuff, but in a slightly more strategic way. The main changes since then for me have been mainly career-wise, although my involvement with church and causes has slightly evolved. Back then, as even now, I still get sick and need to sit out from singing at a Sunday service. Gravitate evening service was an option back then, and I did occasionally attend an evening service in lieu of the morning service.

Spiritually, my encounters with God and connection to Him were, even back then, preparing me for what is now becoming part of this next season in my life. Now, more than ever, my commitment to God remains – my passion to serve Him continues unabated. These last eight years have been a wonderful journey where God has continually refined me, purifying me and making my heart open to Him.

I have now closed my LiveJournal account, including the removal of comments and photo albums which I found and manually removed individually first. Fortunately, the process seems quite simple and unlike Facebook, the deleted status seems to already be in place. Interestingly, as part of the account closure, a message advised me that I could change my mind and undo the account deletion any time in the next 365 days/one year!

As part of consolidating my online presence here at, I have also done some further tweaking to the website security, in response to the insights I formed when writing Happy New (Financial) Year! As such, this post is an indirect milestone, in that it signifies the achievement of finally exiting and rationalizing my previous multiple blogging capability to XBOP exclusively (until I discover yet another online presence which I may have set-up years ago only to have forgotten about it…)


  1. Future content – finally turning XBOP from reactive to proactive.
  2. One less account/website login to remember!

As always, thanks for reading and following XBOP.