We’re on a Roll!

I just had a quick look at my website stats – and I would just like to make a quick statement of thanks to all the visitors to my site.

July has been the busiest time/month ever – with a new record of visitors and views. Add to that the daily sign-up of new subscribers – I now have 80+ people who have added their email to receive this content updates!

The Business Because Why MBA? Interview was totally unexpected but it gave me the opportunity to share it with my dad, and indirectly he was introduced to my website for the first time. We had a discussion about writing and I was reminded that he once was a book editor… It is a long term goal and dream to see him contribute here as he gets to share his thoughts and views.

Also, I received feedback and Facebook likes because of the social media promotion. One or the reasons why immediate friends probably have not subscribed here directly is because they already get notified of content updates via Facebook & LinkedIn… Perhaps I have a much larger audience than I realize??

Thanks again for reading!