Kickstarter #1: There Came An Echo

As of 23 February, my Kickstarter investment has become reality! After an incubation period of just under two years, the game has launched via the online channel Steam.

Developed by Iridium Studios this strategy game features voice command game-play for controlling your squad as they do combat in a futuristic space/technology environment. Its other big selling point is that features Will Wheaton as the main voice-over cast member and carries the backing of industry heavyweight Intel.

I was one of 11 backers who pledged over $250 USD which saw me receive the rewards listed below. As the fifth highest reward tier, there are only 17 individuals having any one of the four highest tiers, four sharing the top tier of $3000+ which gets those guys bragging rights as being an Executive Producer, plus some pre-launch party which gets integrated into the game as a playable scene during the in-game final credit sequence. Enough wishing – my rewards:

  • A poster-size print of any concept art from the game
  • There was originally supposed to be postcards issued during production
  • Second copy of the game (lower tier)
  • Commentary track from the design team (lower tier)
  • Digital art book (lower tier)
  • T-shirt (lower tier)
  • Special thanks in the credits (lower tier)
  • Opportunity to audition for one of the seven character voice actors roles (lower tier)

Having raised $115K and exceeded their target of $90K in March 2013, their original development timeframe was not met because of a new development which transpired later 2013. The development effort got a serious boost from Intel which changed the June 2014 target release to October 2014. The final shift of release date to 23 February 2015 was arrived at around the time that their Alpha status was reached in August 2014.

As one of my main Kickstarter projects that I chose to fund, the professionalism and regular updates by Iridium have been timely and informative. Delivering on the promised prizes and interaction during the audition process was efficient and demonstrated a serious effort and planning were underpinning this game development. Collectively these outcomes affirmed my faith in the Kickstarter process/system.

I was attracted to the game because it combined a few areas of interest:

  • The nature of the game as a strategy role-play computer game.
  • The Sci-Fi genre
  • Will Wheaton (influenced by the then recent watching of Star Trek TNG as well as The Big Bang Theory)
  • Technological concept of having voice-driven commands for the entire game

Ironically, I have been a little busy lately to sit down and try the game out… I have watched the various video updates throughout the two years, so I know what to except… To all my gamer friends, I hope you check it out – did I back the right horse here?